Picture of Thanksgiving Turkey Pie
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Hey guys this is a Thanksgiving Turkey Pie...Which just basically means it's a pie made up of the basic Thanksgiving dinner sides.

We originally made this for Thanksgiving one year instead of having so many different side dishes. We made all the dished and put them together to create mini turkey pies for everyone.

We bought Mini Pie pans to make individual servings and was actually fun to make and eat in the end.

Because I did this last minute I just substituted the min pie pan with a muffin tray.

Hope you guys enjoy it! :)
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
The Side dishes I used in the pie are shown in the picture below. (I tried to save a little bit from each dish before they were all gone)

A dinner roll
Green Bean Hot dish (casserole)
Clam and cranberry stuffings
Roast Turkey (white and dark pieces)
Turkey Gravy
Cranberry Salsa (If you would like the recipe let me know! it's mainly diced cranberries and jalepeno, very easy!)
Garlic Mashed potato's in a small zip lock bag
Mini Pie pans (or in my case a muffin tray)

Pam spray

Step 2: Crust

Picture of Crust
The first thing I did was to spray the pie pan, or in this case the muffin tray with pam spray. Or you can coat it lightly with some olive oil.

Then because the muffin tray is smaller I sliced the bread in half and placed each one brown side down.
When we used the pie pan, one side fit in the bottom and we cut the other piece into four. We then took the four pieces and placed it along the outside of the middle piece forming a pie crust.

Once we placed the dinner roll in the bottom of the tray we pushed it down with a spoon to make it a little more flat.

This allows for more room for the fillings.

dworsena3 years ago
I'd like to see your cranberry salsa recipe!!
Awesome! Seems like a great idea for leftovers too!