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This little paper maiche turkey pinata will be the talk of the party when you "string" it up. Adults and kids alike will enjoy making and breaking these little birds open to reveal the treasures inside.

Fill them up with candy such as: Harvest Mix, Candy Corn, Homemade Chocolate Thanksgiving Lolipops, etc. or instead stuff them with small trinkets such as: Thanksgiving pins, jewelry (plastic rings shaped like a turkey), stuffed animals, etc.

Children Party Idea (especially for Church Gatherings): Have each child write out one thing they're grateful for (general ideas) on a piece of paper then attach the papers to pieces of candy and drop them into the pinata. Once the pinata has been broken, have the children read the pieces of paper they picked up. This will help to widen their views on some of the things that they may have taken for granted and hadn't been grateful for.

1. Plastic/Paper Coffee Cup (or soda can)
2. Flour
3. Water
4. Paper Toilet/Towel Cardboard Tube
5. Copy/Printer Paper
6. Piece of Cardboard box
7. Markers/Paint and paintbrush
8. Newspaper
9. Tissue Paper and Food Coloring (or party tissue streamers)
10. String/Thread
11. Clear Tape
12. Vegetable oil/Crisco
13. Measuring cups

1. Scissors
2. Plastic Spoons
3. Containers
4. Oven and Tin Foil (optional)

Warning: There are sharp objects in this instructable. Also ovens have been known to be hot.

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Step 1: Paper Maiche Mix...

Picture of Paper Maiche Mix...
Turkey Pinata8.JPG
Turkey Pinata15.JPG
Turkey Pinata10.JPG

First step we will take will be to make the paper maiche mixture.
1. Put 3/4 cup of warm water into a container.
2. Add 1 cup of flour.
3. Stir the mixture until it's smooth.

That's all there is to making the mix...

Now there's several ways to apply this mixture to the newspaper. You can use a spoon or knife and apply directly to the paper (or you can also use your finger). Another way would be to place the mixture in a long container and dip the newpaper into the mix as they are needed. I personally prefer to using the long container method along with using my finger too.

 THAT's a VERY detailed and fun introduction of making a pinata. Oddly I learned from Wiki that Pinata was original from China. In my memory, it comes straight from Mexico, not to mention the names. But I always wanna beat a hell of someone harmlessly, LOL. Thanks for making my evil dream come true.

bedbugg27 years ago
awesome, i love your intro-ovens are known to be hot, we dont have thanksgiving in my country but it seems like fun! and based on turkeys!