Step 2: The Various Pieces of the "mold"

First off, I'd like to tell you that there are two ways to make the body (at least that I'm showing).

The Body:
To make the body mold the harder way (but better looking):
Take the plastic cup and trace (and cut) an outline of the paper towel tube near the bottom of the cup. Make the hole a little larger then the tube so that the tube can move sideways a little. Take the tube out.

To make the body the easier way:
Take a piece of copy paper and wrap it around an empty soda can (after folding or cutting it down to size). Tape the paper onto itself. Slip the paper off and grease the can with oil/Crisco and slip the paper back on (optional).

The Neck/Head:
Already been made for you... it's the toilet paper tube (if you used a paper towel tube, cut it down to the size of a toilet paper tube). Later the beak will be made, but that's details...

The Feathers:
Take the piece of cardboard and place your hand on it. Now using a pen (pencil, marker, etc.), trace around your hand. Now place your index finger in the space between the traced index finger and thumb. Trace around your index finger again, so now you should be looking at a 6 fingered hand. Cut this shape out (rounding the bottom where your wrist was) and you have your feathers.

The Hat:
Cut a pice of cardboard about 1" by 6" and wrap it arond the top of the paper tube. Trim as needed until you have a circle alittle bit bigger then the tube. Now tape this to itself. Take it off the tube. Cut a cardboard circle out to be the rim of the hat (so make the overhang as wide as you want). Place the first piece over the rim and trace a circle alittle smaller then the "wall" of the hat on the rim. Cut the circle out and toss it. Now try to center the wall of the hat on the rim. Tape them together. Finally, Cut one more cardboard circle out so that it will fit on top of the hat. Do not tape the top on.

That's all there is to making the basic shape of the turkey... now let's move on

&nbsp;THAT's a VERY detailed and fun introduction of making a pinata. Oddly I learned from Wiki that Pinata was original from China. In my memory, it comes straight from Mexico, not to mention the names. But I always wanna beat a hell of someone harmlessly, LOL.&nbsp;Thanks for making my evil dream come true.<br /> <br />
awesome, i love your intro-ovens are known to be hot, we dont have thanksgiving in my country but it seems like fun! and based on turkeys!

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