Step 3: Maiche the Body...

Now onto the fun stuff...
You can either let the pieces dry over time, or preheat the oven to 170 degrees (F) and time the pieces from 5-8 minutes depending on how much mix you used.
First to make the Body:

The Hard way:
1. Take the plastic cup and lube the outside up with oil or Crisco.
A. (optional) Take a piece of copy paper, cut it, and place it around the outside of the cup. Tape it to itself. This will make it easier to take the maiche off the mold.
2. Apply maiche mix to the cup (or copy paper) and start wrapping torn newpaper around it. Don't worry if you cover the hole that was cut out. You can cut it again using the cup as a guide.
3. After you've completely wrapped (except the open end) the cup. Do it again (at least three layers, more if you want it stronger).
4. Let it dry (you can also use the oven, but not for more then 5 minutes. Otherwise the cup will melt).
5. Cut the hole out again and slip the maiche off the cup.

The Easy way:
1. Use the soda can that already has the copy paper on it from the previous step.
2. Apply maiche mixture to the paper and start wrapping newspaper around the can.
3. Wrap the can completely, leaving only the top open (where you drink from ;) ).
4. Wrap the can in at least three layers. Add more to make it stronger.
5. Let it dry.
6. Pull up on the can's tab while holding the paper maiche in place. The can should slip out easily.
7. Use toilet paper tube to trace and cut hole out near the closed end of the body.

&nbsp;THAT's a VERY detailed and fun introduction of making a pinata. Oddly I learned from Wiki that Pinata was original from China. In my memory, it comes straight from Mexico, not to mention the names. But I always wanna beat a hell of someone harmlessly, LOL.&nbsp;Thanks for making my evil dream come true.<br /> <br />
awesome, i love your intro-ovens are known to be hot, we dont have thanksgiving in my country but it seems like fun! and based on turkeys!

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