Step 5: Put the Pieces Together...

Once everything is dry, the pieces can be brought together and attached.

1. Attach the hat (minus the top) to the neck/head piece using tape. After you are satisfied with how it looks, use paper maiche at the joint to hold it together better.

2. Push the tube (neck) through the hole in the body. Once you adjust it to the height you want it at (don't push it in too far, otherwise the candy will get stuck), maiche the joint together.

3. Attach the feathers to the open end of the body using at least 3 layers of paper maiche.

4. Allow the joints to dry.

Now onto the decorations...

&nbsp;THAT's a VERY detailed and fun introduction of making a pinata. Oddly I learned from Wiki that Pinata was original from China. In my memory, it comes straight from Mexico, not to mention the names. But I always wanna beat a hell of someone harmlessly, LOL.&nbsp;Thanks for making my evil dream come true.<br /> <br />
awesome, i love your intro-ovens are known to be hot, we dont have thanksgiving in my country but it seems like fun! and based on turkeys!

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