Step 7: "Dress" the Turkey...

For people with party streamers: Shred the streamers into pieces.

First step to "dress" the turkey is the hat. Take either black paint or marker and color the entire hat (including the top) black.

Next we attack the head/neck. Using your finger, spread paper maiche mix on the tube and apply whatever colored tissues you feel like. Make sure to overlap, so that the edges of the tissue paper will stick up into the air. Apply at least 2 layers of tissue to hide the base paper (newspaper).

Continue down the body using your finger to apply mixture. Create whatever kind of designs you want as you go. Don't forget to decorate the feathers and continue to use this technique until the turkey is wrapped in tissue.

Now onto the face and beak. Take a small piece of newspaper and fold it into the shape of a triangle. Use some paper maiche mix on the beak to glue it into shape. Let it dry. Use a red or orange marker to color the beak. Dip the edge of the beak that will be attached to the face into the maiche mix. Press the beak on to the face and hold it there for at least 1 minute. Next take some pink (or red) tissue paper and crumple it up. Dip it into the maiche mix and attach it below the beak. Let it dry.
Either make some eyes out of copy paper and markers (and use maiche mix to attach) or just use a marker directly on the face to create the eyes.

Next the finishing touches...