Step 8: Finish it up...

The Pilgram Hat:
1. Cut a thin strip out of copy paper. Dip into the maiche mix and wrap it around center of the hat (have the ends meet in the front of the hat).
2. Take a small piece of yellow tissue and maiche it to the place where the ends meet.
3. Allow to dry.
4. Take a piece of tape and tape the top of the hat on (much like a hinge).

Now there's a ton of ways to attach the string.
First way: Tie a loop around the center of the pinata and hang.
2. Knot one end of the string and push it into the inside of the pinata using a pen/nail. Hang the pinata.
3. Maiche the ends of the string to the body (before decorating, which makes it harder to decorate).

I was lazy and decided to go with something much like the first way.... using a dog leash :P

Now all you have to do is: fill it with candy and/or trinkets through the hat (you can use a drinking straw to push the candy all the way in), tape the top of the hat on (or maiche), then hang and watch out for the swinging bat...

Hope you've enjoyed this long instructable :P