Picture of Uses for turkey neck bones ~
How to take the turkey neck(s) you used to make your Thanksgiving dinner gravy and transform them into Christmas tree ornaments and/or a voodoo totem hanger-thingie ~

Step 1: Have necks -- make gravy ~

Take one turkey neck (inside your turkey) and/or buy a package of three necks and simmer for broth to make and enjoy a wonderful gravy for your Thanksgiving dinner.
myrrhmaid4 years ago
I love this! I think a wreath might be super cool too! Thanks for putting this together!
canida6 years ago
Whoa, how did I miss this last year? Neat stuff! I'll give it a try after I boil the bones for stock. The camera's focus on the surrounding trees leaves the bones looking a bit like popcorn, though - using the macro mode would make them pop out and look more impressive.
zjharva7 years ago
no offense but who would hang turkey vertabrae from a christmas tree
No offense, but this site IS ALL ABOUT clever uses for what some people view as "garbage" . Native Americans are rumored to have used neck bones as children's toys. I use them for Halloween costumes when I do "Cave People" outfits. Mother Nature, and contributors to this site both make beautiful things.
SharonH (author)  zjharva7 years ago
I did and I also have ornaments made with various bird wishbones -- a bird hunter friend donates parts :-). Mother nature makes beautiful things!
looks cool, i have to admit.
SharonH (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
A cool yule to you ~