Picture of Thanksgving Decorations
Make Thanksgiving  a little more festive with these place identifiers (place cards)
These turkeys will have the names of the dinner guests.

Small Copper/Brass pot scrubbers
Peanuts (doubles)
Markers - red, orange &black
Tacky glue
Glue gun
Cork pads
1 small paper cup (to hold the ornament for gluing)

Step 1: Begin Making the Turkey Heads

Picture of Begin Making the Turkey Heads
Making turkeys is easy.
First draw a simple face on the peanuts, if you look closely at the peanut you can easily decide where the beak will be. 
Make a beak with the orange marker.

Draw  with the red marker the "wattles" (the red hanging thing under beak) 

Then dots for the eyes .

Make all the faces/heads that you'll need I used an old piece of foam to hold the heads.

 That's really cute and creative - using everyday items to make a sparkly turkey!
walkerbarb (author)  littlemisscraft5 years ago
Thanks! and Happy Thanksgiving to all!
So Cute :)
Last photo... center left turkey... does that say... "dong"...?
walkerbarb (author)  Father Christmas5 years ago
No Doug....
Hm. Looks like an "N" to me. I thought that was a little strange lol
walkerbarb (author)  Father Christmas5 years ago
It does look like in the picture to me too ... lol .. I had to do a double take...
ChrysN5 years ago
They are so cute!
walkerbarb (author)  ChrysN5 years ago
Thanks so much!