Picture of (8) That Was Easy Mic Switch Or CW Bug To Enable The Disabled
I met an Amateur Radio Operator that is Quadriplegic.
He cannot use his hands to Squeeze The Pickle (mic).
The best he can do is swing his arm to drop his hand on the table.
So, I made a Mic Switch, that he can use, out of an Easy Button from Staples (an office supply store).
When you push the button it says, "That Was Easy" in a male voice.

The button can also be used as a CW practise key when plugged into a light or buzzer.
It can also be used as an actual CW key if plugged into a transmitter.

Step 1: Easy Take Apart

Picture of Easy Take Apart
Under each rubber pad is a screw you need to remove.
Use a pocket knife or anything else sharp to peel the rubber feet off.

The 4 screws are exposed.

Remove and save them.