Upcycling parts from a Laser Printers Fuser unit.

Picture of Upcycling parts from a Laser Printers Fuser unit.
I stripped down an Epsom C1100 Laser Printer not so long ago, and one of the parts I reclaimed was a 220v 650w heating element. I knew there must be a use for it outside of the printer's Fuser Unit. So I got to thinking.

I use heatshrink a lot when making cables or joining wires together, a great example of this was building the LCD harness for the LapPi Netbook. Normally I'll borrow the good lady's hair drier to heat up the heatshrink enough so the heatshrink shrinks, or use a soldering iron if it's just a single wire. So I thought I could maybe use the heater element to make a heat-shrinker. The problem was the elements length; how do I concentrate the heat over a small enough area rather than the full length of the element? I'll also need to enclose the element so I can't burn myself, or blind myself from the waste light it generates.

The solution came from space heaters. I'm sure you have been to a garage or a workshop where they have what looks like a jet engine roaring away blowing hot air into the room. They tend to be long tubes fed with propane gas which is burnt inside the heater, then blown into the room by a fan on the end. If I could use a similar design for the heater element I had, it just might work.
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tuixte11 months ago
Hi, how did you do that animation? Is there a specific feature or you just took several screenshot and then made a gif?
SilverJimny (author)  tuixte11 months ago
Screenshots, rotating the fan a few degrees each time, to make an animated gif.
darman1211 months ago
Congrats on the feature :)
SilverJimny (author)  darman1211 months ago
Thank you again sir.
Kiteman11 months ago

...or hot, I'm not sure.
SilverJimny (author)  Kiteman11 months ago
darman1211 months ago
Fantastic design. I like how you went into detail about your thinking process, and that you put a lot of detail into the steps so we can follow easily.

Nicely done!
SilverJimny (author)  darman1211 months ago