That-time-o-the-month Skivvies





Introduction: That-time-o-the-month Skivvies

How to add absorbent material to your undies and never buy maxi pads again, or toss them in landfills for that matter. This took me all of about 5 minutes. I like these a bit better than cloth pads b/c they are thinner, don't shift around, and are more comfy to bike with. But others have posted neat patterns for cloth pads, so look them up too!

Step 1: Materials

I use packs of cheap undies and kitchen towels from Trader Joe's. The towels are made of the same material as camp towels, I think, so they are soft, washable, and absorbant. You can use terrycloth, flannel, old socks, whatever you want, but i happen to like this combo. I use single ply in combination with a Moon Cup, but ymmv, so double or triple up if that's your steez. Of course, toss the whole shebang in the wash before you start to get out any sizing and/or cooties.

Step 2: Cut Absorbent Material

If using these towels, fold them in 4 and cut along the folds making 4 rectangles, then cut curves in the sides. Same idea using any other material, it just turns out that the towels fold into 4 pretty conveniently.

Step 3: Pin Fabric

Pin the towel into the undies at a place that makes sense for your cooter's geometry.

Step 4: Zig Zag In

Now, use a zig zag stitch along the side, and even along the top and bottom if you're ambitious. Zig zag is better than a straight stitch for stretchy spots, since it has some give. It turns out that my machine, a 1936 Singer 15-91 only does straight stitch, so I use a vintage zig zag attachment that actually works really well.

Step 5: Voila

Now zig zag down the other side and you're done!



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    Good idea, however I have a few points: 1. Without a moisture blocking layer, you run the risk of leakage staining your outergarments. You can buy rubber sheeting at a fabric store to add to this setup. 2. Many people would need thick layers, and the thicker you make it the longer it will take to dry. Making an insert which can be removed, unrolled and washed and dried individually will speed up wash/dry time and be more clean.

    2 replies

    Hey, good feedback! Thanks! 1. For heavy output, you're right, this wouldn't cut it. I personally would be more apt to go with more layers of fabric than a moisture blocking layer b/c a little leakage is less hassle to me than risking the dreaded yeasties. (btw, you probably already know this, but 2 home remedies are garlic or yogurt applied directly. Another way to skip a trip to the pharmacy and a $morethaniwanttopay expenditure.) This slapdash "design", such as it is, works for light days or as a backup to sea sponges or a Keeper/Cup. Though...Maybe a breathable technical fabric? Ha, Gortex undies is definitely more high tech than I am willing to go. :-) 2. Yeah, I have a cloth pad that comes with an extra layer that you can put inside. It's a good idea, but I find it thick and uncomfortable. However, with this design it would be super easy to just pop another layer in under that one that's sewn in. Could even stitch in a touch of velcro. The towels I use here are very, very quick drying. When used to sop up water, most of the water can be rung out, and it dries completely very fast. I still like your point about more complete cleaning, though.

    Try nylon shell in the next to outer layer.  It is breathable and it will help prevent leaking if it is not too heavy.

    I am in the habit of simply sewing my own cloth pads, but I like this idea as well. Must try, thanks for the ible. :)

    haha. i like the way you worded that.

    It could be worth making the absorbent part a dark colour like maybe... red?

    i nvr thought this would be here

    With a few modifications the guys could wear them as a fart mufflers

    11 replies

    With a few more mods and we could harvest methane. Get on it!

    Woot!!! your thinking great! :-P .. i mean, who doesnt want to harvest there farts, aha seriously, i mean you can like freaking put a bottle of fart juice in some1s face :-X! eww... definatly go for it :-D ...the only way, without goint 'inside' is to put a funnel-and- a bottle under water, and making the gas go into the bottle :-P thats nasty cool! hahah

    There are several studies on how "bovine-released methane" is a major greenhouse gas, and more potent than CO2. I think they were claiming that cow farts are causing global warming.
    I think that's another source of ... *ahem* gas, just waiting to be tapped.

    I had meant tapping the source: the cows themselves. As per the previous comments about using underwear to trap gas, I was suggesting bundling cattle up in gas-catching diapers. I'm fairly sure this technology isn't being developed, or at least no one in my grad. conservation program has heard of it. ... Though I doubt any of us are researching it in the first place.

    Oh. Yeah. I don't think that would scale well. :-)

    Sorry for the thread hijack, but the idea of cow-gas was far too amusing to my sleep deprived mind that I came up with a diagram. (Maybe it'll amuse someone, but if it's too obstructive, I'll delete this comment.) Enjoy.


    after reading this chain i totally forgot this was about mestration