The "paper Cell Phone" GLYPH-FON





Introduction: The "paper Cell Phone" GLYPH-FON

Recently I had te chance to go to my son's school. While touring, he stopped abruptly, pulled out a paper cell phone and begin to talk intently. He hung up and I asked him who it was he said: "its that cheerleader again, she won't leave me alone". I lol till my sides hurt! Anyway, I decideed to give him a boost, I put together a website called GLYPH-FON. Now all his buds can get a new cell phone and talk all day. TIP: I used a full sheet of Avery label, and printed it, cut it out and VIOLA! Instant cell phone! You ought to see the look on my clients faces when I use mine(blank stare)
The GLYPH-FON No dropped call, no connect problems no towers to worry about. Just talk. Go get yours! The phone is in PDF and full color on the website.



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so is best buy gonna be selling these any time soon?

Hey, lets keep this one free. Thanx for commenting!

Is it a joke or a real phone

If they are, they're going to pump the price up to extravagant standards.

The warranty would be the kicker! Thanx for the comment.

grrr... my keeps ripping... I should've bought that free life-time warrenty... -J

i'll stick to by banana phone for now.

Can you post the Picture here, its a broken link.