Step 8: Operation

Picture of operation
This musket is designed to fire mini-marshmallows, but should be able to fire bits of potato, apple, grubs, or anything else you can fit in the tube.

If you are using something that won't easily slide down the tube, the threaded connection between the barrel and the ball valve can be undone and ammo placed in the barrel from that end.

If muzzle loading, be sure the valve is in the close position when dropping in ammo.

Close the valve and compress the pump about five times. Aim and release the valve to fire.
pyro42266 years ago
yea, add a video of the gun firing!!
Can you post a video of this gun firing?
slayermonk6 years ago
I made something quite similar, only difference being that, with the end cap of the 1" pvc, i drilled a 1/2" hole in it and inserted a schrader valve (tire valve) the valve cost me a dollar. i cemented it in place so it can hold 80+ psi (i havent dared go beyond that). I use an electric tire pump to charge it and i get quite some power out of it. the gun itself (not including pump) cost me around $5-$6 so it fits pretty much any budget.
NT867 years ago
im gonna make one of these for a party
grundisimo7 years ago
can you pump it more than five times?
noahh8 years ago
do you have videoo of it? that would be great!