Step 3: Getting the Camera Ready

Alright the first thing you need to do is get the camera ready for the whole thing. So you start by taking out the battery, this will prevent you from getting shocked accidentally.... Talking about Getting shocked, you can make a Camera Taser out of a disposable camera too.....here is the link for that video on how too. http://blip.tv/file/3245332

Anyways, once you get the battery out, you need to open up the camera, and be VERY careful when you are doing this, the capacitor is more than likely still charged and can deliver a nasty shock if you're not safe.

So once you have the camera open you need to locate the capacitor prongs... the capacitor is the battery looking thing on the side of the camera, locate the ends of the capacitor and using a screw driver touch both ends of the capacitor in order to discharge the energy.

<p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut7zoGYPaCw That is the video relating to this instructable. I found it on youtube.</p>
<p>just to say you can just take the cameras button to place in the button you bought</p>
<p>how much electricity is needed to run this?</p>
<p>&quot;Sorry, this show has been removed by Blip&quot;</p><p>Needless to say, the video is gone. Do you have it posted somewhere else?</p>
Too complicated
what are the full risks of making this. if im accidentaly electrocuted, wut are the outcomes( will i end up in a hospital). and finally wut voltage should i use.
Voltage does not kill you amperage does. If you put multiple capacitors in parallel, you can get more amperage, but you will be ok unless you you are touching both leads at once.
<p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/8xONZcBJh5A" width="500"></iframe></p><p>The amps are controlled by the voltage</p>
Well i have but one question. Can I use a giant electrolytic can capacitor? I have one 100,000 uF at 600VDC
i made this and is worked but later i tryed to make it into a box and use a 9 volt battery and for some reason it wont work is it the 9 volt battery? the circut has worked before<br>
because the transformer is only rated for 3 volts!
the 9v current is probably to high for the circuits and you probably blew the capacitor on the small camera charger.
ok thank you that really helps ill post a picture of it once i get it working
Do u have to use duck tape
ok so i followed this ible to the wire (well expect the wire its 24gauge does that change anything? lol) i have my circuit board all rigged up to a coil around a pen tube with duct tape which goes to a switch and the switch goes back to the capacitator (sorry if its confusing). I know the circuit board is fine because i have shocked myself multiple times, but the electricity wont flow through the wires :( <br> <br>Help PLEASE!!
Make sure each wire is soldered onto the respective side of the capacitor bank, and they are not touching. Also make sure capacitors are in parallel (+ to + and - to -).
i know it has been a long time but make sure the actual button on the circuit has been pressed
i actually wanted to make a coil gun as my physics project.. can i use capacitors from an old computer??
It depends on the voltage of the capacitors, but it is best to just get disposable cameras. You can go to Walgreens at the photo department, and asked for used ones, and they will say &quot;sure how many!&quot;
also, do you charge the gun?
Is it possible to use a light switch instead of a button?
yes sir :)
do u need all the circutry from the camera, or just the capacitor? i have a computer i took apart and there is all sorts of capacitors on that, what voltage do you need for this? what batteries? im full of questions
none matter all you need is transformers and then captitors on the other end so if you wired it battery switch transformer capatitor switch coil it would work
what would the transformer look like?
the transformer is the little brick looking thing next to the led that lights up once the flash is charged that is manly what makes a double a battery charge a 330v captitor
does the led on the circuit come on when its ready to fire?
is it possible to take the LED off and reattach with wires so the circuit board and the LED were in two locations, for example on the rifle the circuit board was in the stock and the LED was at the front?
yes it is
Okay, so I got mine all built, and I was wondering, when you only use one camera, How far is it supposed to shoot? Because mine Just has an occasional spark, and moves a centimeter at a time.....<br>
that will happen if you use one camera you should probly use about five i did and it shot it about 5 feet at a height of 2 1/2 feet high<br>
nice tut, very informative, a wiring diagram would also be useful.<br>
Safety tip chaps!! <br>After initially discharging the capacitor short the connections together to prevent the charge building up again, keep it this way until you are ready to connect it into your new circuit. Whilst this charge won't be as big as normal it can still come as a shock (pun intended) dependant on the Faradic value of the capacitor.
(pun intended) lol
why do you remove the battery before you shoot?
The charger circuit works in a way that if you dont remove the battery, the capacitors will begin charging immediately after you discharge them.
not if you make a circuit like i did very good and has a fail safe if you want to make one<br>
have u got a schematic i keep blowing my camera curcits so if i look at yours i might be able to work out what im doing wrong if u have a schematic send to <br>Hughthob@hotmail.com
i don't have a schematic and sorry it took so long but i just put in a switch to shoot witch is after the caps and one in between the battery's and board to control charge and i also have a fail safe if stuff starts sparking to witch is two more sitches one going to caps witch allows you to charge and another to random wires to discharge extra energ in the caps
if your switch welds it will continuously charge and fire making a very bad scenario since you may get shocked removeing it after
would it matter if the capacitors were different voltage?<br>
do you use the camera charging circuit to charge the capacitors? if so how long does it take? and if not, how are you charging them?
Yes, about 10 minutes
Is this dangerous? Most similar guns on here are quite dangerous though if they accidentally went off and zapped someone / yourself. Yours looks a lot like a box I was checking out online (which I secretly wanted to make into a steampunk style coil gun). People could touch the spark because it was low amperage (current?) and all it did was give a little shock. That'd be cool!
Amps Kill you, Volts will never kill you.... Police Tasers have 100k volts, however, if I'm correct i think .5 of an amp will kill you.... we got shocked by this thing once, and it hurt really bad but i'm still typing :P
Power will kill you. The amount of energy that the electricity gives off is the dangerous part. Power is the product of Voltage and Current so either one high enough will kill you. For example if you have only 1V but 1 MA it will be dangerous. Similarly if you have 1MV and only 1A it is still dangerous.
I don't think so. Your point that it's the wattage, not the volts or amps, that's dangerous is true to a point. But your body won't conduct 1 volt. In fact, the National Electrical Code considers 50 volts and below as intrinsically safe, as your body has so much resistance that not enough current will flow through your body to hurt you. <br> This is why you can handle a live car battery with no electrical danger, even though it contains 1000 watts. Your body basically won't conduct 12 volts.
That is conditionally true, <br>but in 1943 a man died from a 6V battery when the battery wires pierced his epidermis (skin) and enough current was able to flow below the skin through the heart (bundle of His) stopping the pump action followed by oxygen starvation and death..<br><br>

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