The $0.05 Stationary Bottle Opener





Introduction: The $0.05 Stationary Bottle Opener

If you're anything like me (handsome and funny), you misplace your tape measures constantly.  I have a small space and 4 tape measures .. still happens.  You also misplace your bottle openers and you don't carry one because your key ring is already crying for mercy.

You, my fine feathered friend, need a bottle opener you can't lose ... and you want it for free!!  Or a few cents if you don't already have a washer and a screw.

Step 1: The Parts and the Bits

Find yourself a washer and a screw.  I already had them.  You might have to steal them ... or buy them ... you should probably buy them.

Also, find yourself two drill bits.  Mine were 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" Forstner bits and I love them.  If you don't have a set, save up your allowance and get some.  You will thank me.  Maybe ask Santa if you know him.

Step 2: Drill the Larger Hole

Drill the larger hole in your desired location.  This was a mock up so it's a scrap 2"x4".  I went as deep as the bit, which was 1/2".

Step 3: Mark the Second Hole

Position the washer, making sure you leave enough room for the bottle cap, and mark for your second hole.

Step 4: Drill the Second Hole

With the smaller bit, drill the second hole, but only as deep as necessary for the washer to be flush with the surface.

Step 5: Install Washer

Pop the washer into the small, shallow hole and screw that bad boy down.

Step 6: Open That Bottle

You're done!  I installed mine in the front leg of my miter saw station as you can see in the first picture.  I'll never misplace that thing!



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    Great idea thanks. I used a hockey puck instead of a piece of wood as a Father's Day present

    Great idea! I'm making one of these bad boys!

    really easy

    Love it.

    Love it!

    suggested enhancement: routed cap luge covered in plexi or acrylic, with receptacle.

    Instead of a receptacle, you could fasten a magnet recovered from an old speaker.

    What, you don't carry a Swiss Army knife? I thought everyone did. Clean design. I'd like to get a bigger peek at the sliding bench/work top, tho.

    I was too hasty. Instead of 2x4, use 3/4 saw butts but bore thru. Stain and varnish, or not, an give to the buds for C'mas!

    I don't like working with things in my pockets as I find it annoying for some reason. I have a Leatherman, but I set it down just like the tape measures. I like the 3/4" scrap idea for quick shop gifts.

    The stand in the picture is my miter saw station, which was a free Woodsmith Shop design.

    Sorry, I was trying to be clever. I'm the only guy I know that carries, but it is my favorite tool. Thanks for the miter saw tip.