Step 3: Finish it off

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With some adhesive tape, tape the top part of the bottle to the bottom part of the bottle. Pour some soda or other sweet liquid into the container, to about 1 inch deep. Pour some extra sweetener into it, like honey or more sugar. Put this container close (but not too close) to your table, preferably on the floor, and wait for the bugs to start disappearing into the container. Once it's full, just discard it and make another one or empty it and fill it up again:

Time consumed: < 1minute
Money: 0.10 $
Does this work for common houseflies? Anyone know? Also, anyone know a good bait to use?
peoplayer (author)  MamaBrownBear2 years ago
There is a trick (that seems to work) for common houseflies here in Mexico. Fill a plastic bag with water and hang it somewhere from the roof. According to experts, the reflections of the water, hanging, will scare flies off. Most Mexican roadside restaurants have these and they work as far as I am concerned.
Great Idea. If you want to catch yellow jackets just pour beer in the container.
just make sure its not good beer ;)
SirNoodlehe4 years ago
time to tie some bees to strings :D
Why would you do this? Honeybees have suffered large population declines and you want to torture them?
Void Schism5 years ago
It does work. If you put a couple of teaspoons of jam (or jelly for those "state-side") and splash of hot water in the bottom and mix them up the bugs will dive for it and get stuck in the mixture
zack attack5 years ago
i used orange soda and sugar and put it near a small forest for a whole day and i didnt catch anything.
soozalooza5 years ago
I have recently moved into a house on farmland and my home is overrun with flies. I have pets so have to be cautious with pesticides. The fly strips work quite well but would prefer to live without strips covered in fly corpses hanging throughout my house. Your insect trap is a great alternative and I love how cheap and simple they are to make. Thanks so much for idea!
it takes more than one minute!
geoffypi6 years ago
you should use this and enter the 'best use of waterbottle contest"