Step 4: Put it all together!

Picture of Put it all together!
Alright, now put the Lazy Susan on a flat surface and lay down the filament spool on top.  Run the filament through the polyvinyl tubing and orient the whole mess such that a nice path for the filament presents itself.  

As you can see, mine is actually pointing away from the extruder, but that was the best way to get a smooth transition.  Also, the tubing isn't fully seated in the countersunk hole in the L-bracket.  Since it's free to slide, it just did it's own thing.

It doesn't look the best, but a little paint could spruce that up really quickly!  It cost me $10 and 10-minutes to build, and I just wanted to share it so that others could be pointed in the right direction for their own solutions.

Thanks for reading, this Instructable's my first!
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