Step 8: Helloo, Surprise....

Picture of Helloo, Surprise....
But wait....there's more.....this blade ain't no ordinary pig-sticker....no, no, no.......
I thought it'd be a shame to waste all that good cutting length of a hacksaw blade, so I added a little something extra to this that you might not have caught..

Yep...that's right...a full 4 1/2" of hacksaw teeth when opened 180 degrees, and it's still pretty.
tulekah4 years ago
i'm thinking skip the handle, just edge with half inch scotch tape and wrap with two layers of para-cord. stash them every where and you have a blade and saw you can hilt with cord or mount on a stick. a saw on an 8 foot pole has saved the day twice in my life.
Kman774 years ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this blade set up in such a way that when applying pressure to the knife blade it will be forcing the blade to open pushing the hacksaw side into your hand, and when you apply pressure to the hacksaw blade when it is open it will try and close itself? Other than this I love the idea, it looks great!
HTWTUSA (author)  Kman774 years ago
Actually, you've got it backwards...but good question, anyway...and something to pay attention to when designing any simple folder.
Kman77 HTWTUSA4 years ago
In your first picture here is it folded to be used as a hacksaw and in the third photo is it in knife mode? If so then disregard my previous comment.
HTWTUSA (author)  Kman774 years ago
Aah..I understand your observation now...yes, you had it right the first time, the thumb is placed on the back side of the blade in both positions to maintain position. It's actually quite comfortable, but I wouldn't want to use this particular model for any extended period of time...

It was a neat concept, though...and a cool trinket to send to a survivalist buddy.