The $10 Hermit Crab Tank Humifier





Introduction: The $10 Hermit Crab Tank Humifier

Hermit crabs, super fun, easy pet right? Well, if your like me, you spoil everything you ever deem your pet. In which case, I couldn't keep my hermie tank's humidity above 50%. I guess keeping my room a constant 75 tends to dry out the air. So I went to the pet shop to see if they had a humidifier for the tank, and they had nice expensive humidifiers that seemed to puff out mist instead of just keeping the humidity up. So brainstorming in the pet store (and a bit more at home) I came up with this.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

You can get EVERYTHING and I mean everything at wal-mart.

1. Aquarium Pump - I got mine for $15 but I paid extra for quiet since it's located in my bedroom. You can get an aquarium pump for $7
2. Aquarium Hose - $1
3. Air Stone - $.50
4. Jar with plastic top $1

Items in your home you will need (or you will have to pick them up)

Hot glue gun
glue sticks
drill or something to poke pencil sized holes in your lid

Step 2: Assembly

1. Drill 2 holes in the top of the lid. Just a smidge wider than the aquarium hose.

2. Feed hose in to the lid as shown in the picture below.

3. Cut the hose into 2 sections. On mine, I had one shorter and one longer as to accommodate placement of the humidifier and tank.

4. Attach air stone to the shorter of the two pieces inside the lid. making sure that the air stone hose is long enough that when the lid is sealed the stone is about 1/4" from the bottom of the jar.

5. Glue around the hose to keep them in and make it air tight. This is important.

6. Attach hose connected to air stone to aquarium pump.

Step 3: Plug, Pump and Ready to Go!

Feed unadorned hose into tank, fill with water, close lid and plug in.

The bubbles cause the air in the jar to become moist, then the moist air is pumped directly into the tank! Simple and works well!



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you should get a sealed aquarium or rap that cage in suran rap to lock in humidity

2 replies

that would make it way way way to humid and the hermit crap would not be aple l to breath which would make it die

nope, zackatron is right, gills man, they have gills!

I'm just going to go ahead and assume your crabs died already right? There is sooo much misinformation (especially from pet stores) but I've finally found somewhere with as close to hermit crab experts as there are. If anyone here has hermit crabs in an enclosure of any kind that isn't completely sealed, please FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR CRABS make sure you get it completely sealed, they have modified gills so they need at least 80% humidity to even breathe. Next, check out the files on they will tell you any and all adjustments you need to make to ensure your crabs aren't in danger. Hermit crabs are in no way an easy or cheap pet, please don't enter into the crab world lightly.

Well it was kinda a high pitch chirping sound. I thought it was my dog whining so im still not quite sure if it was really them or not but it came from that direction and I was too afraid to get up and look in case they stopped.

2 replies

hermies chrip to establish dominance, mate and just socialize. it is kind of odd but it means they are happy!

it is a distress sound, if you're hearing them chirp, something is very wrong

That's a good idea! My hermit crabs ran away....Twice...I found them both times though.

1 reply

o.O Ran away? How?

I have three hermit crabs and I heard them speak for the first time this morning which I almost mistaked for my dog whining. It but made me happy and scared me cause I haven't heard them speak but It made me think what if they are in pain and that's why so that's why I looked this humidifier. I've been a little afraid it hasn't been humid enough for them and I don't have a way of checking how humid it is in the tank but I try to keep water in there but they also don't move around much so I think this may be my problem. So thanks think I'll try to make this once I get some cash.

2 replies

:) They can be rather random about it. They will on occassion chirp for any random reason, either they can be very happy and comfortable or they may be chirping because they're distressed or even because they're having a dispute with each other.

ive had my hermit crabs for a week now and i havent heard them talk? what does it sound like

so with the 2 hoses, one is connected to the air stone one end and the other end is connected to the pump.. but why is there 2 and what is the second one connected to. do oyu put the jar in the tank?

2 replies

The smaller of the 2 hoses, goes from pump, into the lid and that piece has the air stone connected to it. All one short piece. It introduces the air, softly to the water. The second, length of the 2 hoses, goes from inside lid, to the tank, that piece is as long as you need it to be, to reach your tank, TOP. it should go inside your tank rather toward the top to then blow in cool, moist air. Try to keep the food on the other side of the tank so it will not become to moist to fast and rot. Do not place this hose into the water, your not looking for another bubbler. This whole process should help with the humidity in the tank, if your lid is solid and not a wire grate it will. personally just have a salt water pool with a bubbler in that directly and the crabs go swimming and it keeps the moister and there happiness up also. I have my fresh water set up as a fountain. My crabs live in a mansion/castle.

I think one is connected to the pump and the other one is in the tank

Question: with the second hose (the one that feeds into the tank), should the other end rest in the water in the jar or above the water in the jar?

I would just want to say that you got the prices WRONG! yur instructables is perfect but the air stone is $1.50 the jar is $1.85 and the hoze is $1.50 the pump is the only one with the correct price...I put the humidifier together and my hermit crab is very happy and is walking around more! than you very much! p.s. i named my crab joe because i got him from joes crab shack! lol

3 replies

@halo99 - No where in your thought process did you consider that PRICES VARY FROM STATE TO STATE ? OR even where you buy them? walmart vs. petco for example !!?

joes crab shack? i didn't know they sold hermies there! You shuld get your little guy a partner though.

Hey! I subscribed to your Youtube channel. How do you disinfect rocks from outside?