The 12 Week Fitness Story





Introduction: The 12 Week Fitness Story




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    this is a really nice and motivational instructable. I wanted to start and work out a lot time ago, but I was really lazy and I didn't think it will really work, so really thanks

    IS this recommended for skinny people?

    This is great. I would love to see more about the exercises you do in pictures here as part of this Instructable. Mostly because I'm lazy and tend to drop off when I have to visit YouTube. Your results are incredible! Well done! I don't think I have nearly the discipline to stay with something so rigorous, and I'm impressed whenever someone can.

    Great information and motivation!!! Been needing to start a work out and kind of have a body that you had before you started so I hope I can get the same results. Plus nice to look at! :)

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    Best of luck, Lemme know how it turns out and if you need any help. I wrote this instructable as an email to a friend to help him for the same thing. and now when i read it , its horrible in punctuation and grammer, but I hope people get the right message at;east.

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to the improvments and motivation. As for the punctuation and grammer, I'm sure a few will notice it but it's the content that is more important.