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Living in Las Vegas, and spending so much time in the pool has taught me, you need to keep drinking, to stay hydrated, and the liquid should be cool.

(Notice I am not saying *WHAT* Liquid)

Having a cooler full of ice, and liquid is fine, But It needs to sit BY the Pool,
so to get a drink I have to leave the pool, trek over hot decking, get my drink, head back into the pool, set my drink on the hot deck, while I am in the water, or swim with my drink.

Now I have seen some of the floaty drink holders in the Pool stores $34.00 holds 4 drinks .. BAH!

I don't understand why there is no "floating ice chest" that holds 10-15 can's or bottles with enough ice to keep them cold for a few hours..


The $1.99 Noodley Beverage Boat

Seeking inspiration, I went to the Local .99 cent store, and bought a pool noodle (basically its a kinda fibrous floating material) a medium sized plastic storage container (with a locking lid) and some waterproof nylon rope.

Cut the Noodle into 4 pieces (Two Long, and two shorter) Used the rope to tie them all together, and wrapped the noodle and rope around the lid of the plastic container.

Took my project to the pool, for first test; filled the container with water, placed it in the pool, then jumped it and tried to capsize it.
(with no success) then drained out the water, added Ice, and cold sodas and beer, placed back in the pool ...

[Editors note, I "TOFTT" here, to make sure that the beverages stayed cold, and did not spill, no matter how many I drank, It was a hazardous and dangerous risk, not only to myself, but to my bladder]

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rfakhre3 years ago
does instructables have an award show? This year's winner for Simplest Instructable goes to THIS ONE. or The Under 5 dollar category winner is, etc...
daithiking3 years ago
This is why I use this site.
davidbarcomb9 months ago

Simple yet very useful. Thank you

patatarium1 year ago
Is really cool good job
Mike63 made it!1 year ago

Made It! I didn't cut the noodle all the way through. I just cut it enough so part of it would act like a hinge. I also wrapped the rope around the container once before stringing it through the noodle. At each hinge point I also wrapped the rope that went through the noodle around the first wrapping of rope.

macgeek (author)  Mike631 year ago
Awesome Mike!!!


Well Done! Simple, Creative and fills a need for much less than the "pool stores" have to offer. EPIC INSTRUCTABLE!

Toffy2 years ago
AWESOME........totally great idea.
petrien2 years ago
Now hack off the bottom of a couple of remote control boats and screw them onto the bottom to make a remote controlled drink boat! (Don't know how much it could hold though, as the motors can't be that strong)
chico_swizz2 years ago
Good idea for pool parties
now you can relax in the pool and have a drink near by wonderful idea macgeek

BuckNasty2 years ago
awesome instructable!
Judith7562 years ago
So simple and yet I would never have thought of it. Great build.
That's so simple but oh so very, very handy! I don't know how you thought of it, but I'm glad you did :D
macgeek (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
They say "necessity is the mother of invention", Personally I always thought it was "laziness is the mother of invention" -- Either way, I am glad you liked it!!


hallsan2 years ago
Sweet!! handy for those pool parties. Now can we put a cover on it to shade the drinks from the sun?
Just thought you should know that your photo is being used here on this auction : http://www.listia.com/auction/5973068-diy-floating-cooler. Most likely your tutorial is being auctioned off as well.
macgeek (author)  thirteenthmuse2 years ago
thanks, it takes 'chutzpa' to take someone Else's idea and say its your own, but it takes balls to "sell it"

So awesome! I posted it on my website, here's the link:
Datawolf3 years ago
Cold drinks in warm water ? :-/
macgeek (author)  Datawolf3 years ago
cold drinks, that STAY COLD, in warm water!!

Scienced! I mean thats what ice is for anyway! :P
tamicarr3 years ago
I bet you could use this fabulous invention as a handy tote for kids pool toys, suntan lotion, etc .... Great site with great ideas and easy instructions ... thanks!
ajohnson-43 years ago
OMG this is AWESOME!!! I'll be making this for the friends who own the 2 pools I spend loads of time in. THANKS!!!!! No more warm beer for us sitting on the side of the pool!!!
AmyLuthien3 years ago
This is completely and totally AWESOME!!
LakeLivin3 years ago
"wrapped the noodle and rope around the lid of the plastic container."
Was this just 'loose fit' or did you tie it somehow?

Now it just needs an awning or umbrella of some type added to keep the direct sun off of the ice and drinks. Gotta believe that would significantly reduce ice meltage time.

Oh, and I'm calling shenanigans on your project costing $1.99 lol. At my dollar store, the noodle, box, and rope is going to add up to $3.00 :- ).
macgeek (author)  LakeLivin3 years ago
I am *SO* busted!

Yes, there was tax on that, but calling it
"The $2.04 Noodley Beverage Boat" just didn't roll off the tongue!


Matz3 years ago
I know what I'm making before summer's over!
chrwei3 years ago
an improvement suggestion:
use 2 containers, one inside the other like they stack them in the store. Add some thin foam sheeting, like things come packed in, between the 2 containers as insulation. hotglue or waterproof caulk the containers together. should keep the ice around a lot longer.
erwin chrwei3 years ago
I like your idea. Great improvement!
askjerry3 years ago
I got as far as seeing the picture in the email and thought to myself:

INFunGuy3 years ago
Dang!!!!! This is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!!
during summer is spend a LOT of time in our river and carrying a can of cola around it just not an option of someone who swims underwater a lot.....
one of our friends has long requested a floating drinks boat in the river....
so next summer i'll make this! (its winter at the moment! LOL)
during summer is spend a LOT of time in our river and carrying a can of cola around it just not an option of someone who swims underwater a lot.....
one of our friends has long requested a floating drinks boat in the river....
so next summer i'll make this! (its winter at the moment! LOL)
Ooo great idea. I can also use this for my water lettuces to keep them in one place on the pond only I have to cut a hole at the bottom of the plastic box.

Thanks a bunch. :D
jimmytvf3 years ago
so damn clever! awesome!
put the lid and some tin foil, ice, and the lid, and you got a pool fridge thingy :D
ilpug3 years ago
Get a foot or two of 3 inch PVC pipe at the lumberyard, cut it into 3 inch sections, screw a few screw around one end of each section, then attach them to the NBB somehow, maybe zip ties. Cup Holders!
you could try this for the cup holders http://www.instructables.com/id/Pvc-Cup-Holder-1/
macgeek (author)  thejanitor3 years ago

I may try and integrate this instructable into mine.


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