Picture of The 1lb Boxed Screw Storage Rack
01 Screw Storage Fail.JPG
02 Parts.JPG

Does this cluttered shelf look familiar? You probably have at least one. Maybe it's house paint, or the dreaded spray paint stored 14 rows deep, or as in my case, boxed screws and nails. Whatever the item, the one you want, is of course in the back ... and probably on the bottom. It never fails! No matter how I arrange them, the one I want has taken cover in the back of the stack.

As with most organizational problems in my workshop, my solution came in the form of plywood and hardboard. My outstanding sketching abilities also played a minor role.

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Step 1: Cutting The Dadoes And Rabbets

Picture of Cutting The Dadoes And Rabbets
04 Dadoes Complete.JPG

It's easier, quicker, and far more accurate to cut dadoes in two sides of a cabinet/rack/shelf, while it's still one piece. Also, since I'm really not sure how many shelves I can get out of this scrap plywood and have no desire to work out the math, overall length will be determined at the end of this step.

The first task was to set my blade height. I went with 2 plies by eye, but you could use a depth gauge if desired.

Second task was to cut the location of the top rabbet. I set my fence at 5/8" because the 1/8" blade kerf will give me the overall desired 3/4" depth.

Third task was to move the fence over 2 1/8" (I want 2" spaces and I need to account for the 1/8" kerf which has just been cut), take a pass, nudge the fence 1/16", take another pass. These two passes combined give me a 3/16" dado to accomodate the thickeness of the hardboard.

Repeat step 3 until you either run out of board, or get your desired number of shelves. Remember to accomodate for the bottom 3/4" rabbet and then trim off any excess.

Planestorm2 months ago

The hanging system is called a French Cleat. It is a traditional way of hanging a variety items on individual boards. You can add a slight back angle by making the bottom spacer thicker.

buck22177 months ago

That is very nice, will def look at making some of these for various boxes/various sizes when I put my workshop up in the next couple of months. At present I am restricted to the (very disorganised) garage where the wife insists on keeping the cars!!

mshelato8 months ago
Sweet! Great design.
spiny8 months ago

very nice, I especially like the way it hangs on the wall, something like that had never occured to me, very neat!

daxne8 months ago


Jobar0078 months ago

I like it, well done.

LynxSys8 months ago

Nice! A clean, simple design with some great fabrication suggestions in your write-up.