The $20 Dry Erase Board


Introduction: The $20 Dry Erase Board

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Hey Guys welcome our tutorial on how to make the $20 dollar Dry Erase Board We hope you guys enjoy this video and enjoy making it as much as we did. It's a perfect board for School Teachers, or for an office, or for law enforcement purposes like us. A similar board same size and thickness is about $300 dollars at a popular office supply store.

We went ahead and added the video first so you guys can watch it in case ya'll dont want to read the rest of the  instructions. If yall are more of the reading type, go to the next Step :)

Step 1: Getting the Supplies

Okay the First thing you need to do is get the White Board Paneling from Home Depot it costs around $11.99 and you need to get 4 board trimmings for about $1.50 each.

The other step you already have at your home, you need a wall big enough to place this big boy on. It measures 8' by 4' and it's probably one of the best boards we've had.

Step 2: Printing the Labels

Okay since our board is going to be used for a specific purpose we went ahead and printed out the actual labels that we are going to use to label our board.

We then used electrical tape to tape the paper labels to the top of the board. We also used the electrical tape to separate the different segments of our board.

Step 3: Finishing the Board Labels

As you can see this is the finished board, we used permanent markers to mark the cross lines of our board.

Like I said before, our board is going to be used for a specific purpose in the Law Enforcement sector for Fugitive Recovery so our board has it's required labels to keep our files organized.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Our finishing touch is adding two magnets.  One to the Dry Erase Marker tip and the other to a corner nail on the top right of our board, we covered the magnet with a bit of electrical tape to hold everything in place. This will keep our pen in place when not in used.

We hope you guys enjoyed this video, subscribe and watch our other videos :)



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    How has this board held up? Do markers still erase well after a year and a half?

    What section\dept of Home Depot would something like this be in? I'm trying to see if they list it on their website.

    2 replies

    It's called tileboard. I was just at home depot looking for this. You need to ask someone in the lumber section though, since most of the employees don't know what it is.

    I think it's on the Vinyl Paneling section? I could be wrong

    I'd rather not have an advert autoplay when this loads, and as your (dark) images are taken from the video you would probably be best just posting it as a video?


    5 replies

    The reason I post both the video and the steps, is because some times, Like on this video, it's hard to understand the steps. Specially on this video I was sick it made it a mess :(

    Yes (there's that advert again) the screenshots don't look as good as photos. Like you say sometimes understand the steps, but photos help better than video-stills. I think you'd be fine with just the vid'?


    I'm sure of it, but like I said it's just to give people the option of both.

    That () ad' again..
    OK thanks


    sorry for the ad's but the services we use place the adds for us and that is how we make revenue for our projects. :( Sorry :(