Introduction: The 21st Century Laptop Backpack

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I was looking at these $100 backpacks with a built in sleeve for carrying a laptop and thought "WTF man? I can come up with something better than that for like 30 bucks"

The backpack is a SWISS brand, three pocket backpack that I found at a national department store for $19.99. With some scrap foam, a tote bag, tackle box and three ring canvas folder you have a great solution for everyday hauling to your office or school.

Step 1: Here Is the Complete Picture:

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Step 2: Protecting the Laptop

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No need to buy an expensive laptop sleeve. Take a tote bag and a scrap piece of foam.....

Step 3: Protecting the Laptop

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...wrap it all up and you have the protection you need. I have a habit of tossing my bag on the ground (forgetting about my laptop) when I get to work so I needed some thick padding to absorb the impact.

Step 4: Stick It In!

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With the padding it fits nice and snug without shifting around. What's awesome is that the foam pad makes wearing the backpack really comfortable, especially when biking. I didn't even realize how uncomfortable it was before.

Step 5: Protecting Your Papers

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I had been putting my papers into a file folder when I stuck them into my backpack but they still got bent up and creased. Here I drilled out the rivets of a canvas three ring folder for better protection so I can just throw in loose articles.

Step 6: Protecting Your Papers

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They all stay in good shape now.

Step 7: Protecting Your Papers

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It all fits nice and snug.

Step 8: Staying Organized

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I also needed a better solution to digging through my bag for my pen or USB drive. Here is a tackle box that fits into the front pocket of my backpack. I cut out some shelving liner to fit into the box to get rid of the rattling sound as I walked around

Step 9: Staying Organized

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Step 10: F%@k Yeah!

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AmyHaynes1978 (author)2013-11-25

I am currently going to school and also need a laptop bag... This backpack is AMAZING the only thing it does not have is a spot for the kitchen sink and an mp3 player pouch on the strap. It has several pockets and a hidden one inside the lower back cushion. Airflow is GREAT and while it does take some getting used to you only feel a portion of the weight!!! I would buy this thing for much more than i did!!! If you need to carry books and a laptop this is the bag! if you need just the laptop and accessories than look elsewhere. If you need more i would go with the XL. Currently I have 3 textbooks, 3 notebooks, A Wacom tablet (in it's case), a 15.6" laptop, several accessories, a change of clothes and a hoodie in mine and it's still comfortable!!! The only time i notice the weight is when getting on/off my bike or when putting on/removing the backpack!!! Read more here

wildmahogany (author)2009-12-10

The foam thing is so simple! I also really like the use of the shelving liner to reduce noise from things moving around. Nicely done! Thanks for posting.

Wolf Seril (author)2009-09-06

Very nice! I had a similar project in mind a few months ago when I was bringing my laptop to school almost every day. I'll keep this in mind.

roadieflip (author)Wolf Seril2009-09-07

I carry my laptop everywhere with me in a backpack that has a compartment for a camelback. I keep it in a laptop hoodie to stop it getting scratched up...

Good job on the other mods...

mwadhwa (author)2009-09-07

wow ... this is awesome ... i never thot it that way ever ... well then that's wat's being creative .... and this man seems to be highly creative ... and economical too .... Hats off

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