A fairly quick, and easy headphone stand design that can be scaled to any size. It actually costs less than 3 dollars - the baton costs about 2 singapore dollars and the MDF base costs about 2 dollars for 6.

These are the basic tools and materials i used, though i seem to have forgotten to have the fairly standard file i used included in here. Shown

1x baton of wood - i used a 25x25x450mm baton with a trench cut in it - it looks nice, and its slightly easier to work with as you will see later.
screws - at least 1.5 as long as the wood depthwise - since we'll be screwing together the wood. I used 3.5mm x 40 mm screws
pin vise or similar with a 3.0mm  (or slightly smaller than the screws) bit for pilot holes.

1x 10mm x 10mm x 6mm MDF or other wood for the base.


Essential - A saw, preferably a good one but you can make do with a slightly crappy one
                    some way to accurately remove a fairly large amount of wood - I use a gourge
                    A file or rasp to smoothen things while working on them

optional but heavily recommended - countersink bit (i didn't use one, i used the gauge, and the chisle bladed hobby knife to do a messy poor man's countersink

Mitre Box - I didn't use one for my original. they do make a lot more possibilities available

Step 1: Sizing and Estimation.

You'll need to cut two pieces out of your baton. The first piece is longer and serves as the vertical basis of the headphone stand, and the second is the crosspiece for the stand. For former cutting the baton as square as possible is good, unless you want the crosspiece as a handle. Aim to have the vertical beam tall enough that without the crosspiece, the headphone can rest on it without touching the base.
<p>made a much simple one with thin qluminium hangers</p>
<p>made a much simple one with thin qluminium hangers</p>
ok this is funny i was looking for a stand for my headphones for my desktop for my audio technica m50s just like yours and somehow i come across this ill deffinitly have to make this to add to my desk thanks so much!
I'm going to use this but as wallmounted, thus little different version. Thanks for the idea:)

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