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This one was born out of boredom and a necessity. My sister has her room right next to mine, and in it is a mirror that blocks the signal to my WiFi devices in my room. We have a great new router (I thought our old router was the problem) it helped but wasn't enough. So, seeing some other things like this, I went to work. But I didn't want to spend to much time and I didn't have too many materials to work with, the creation being this.

This is a super easy reflector to aim WiFi signals to where you need it. The first one literally too me about a minute to make. I've seen others here but this one is able to stand on it's own and only uses 3 materials 

On a side note, Im wishing to save it for a weekly challenge, but whatever ;)

EDIT: About a week later my Wifi In my room crapped out again, I checked my reflectors, both of them had the tape fail.

Fix: I just Hot-glued the skewer back on. If you want to tape, I'd use hocky tape, duct tape, just something better then Scotch tape ;) After I fixed it, Wifi was back in my room 

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
An awesome thing about this project, it uses almost nothing and can be found in any house already!

Pop Can

Utility knife
purplepie27 days ago
Are the skewers only to hold its shape?
ReyR4 months ago
how about router with no antenna sir? thank you much!
WhiteTech (author)  ReyR4 months ago
Every wireless router has an antenna. Some just aren't external. This just reflects a signal more to where you need it, doesn't matter where it comes from out of the router.
xenogear2 years ago
Shouldn't the shape of the extender be more parabolic, in order to resemble with the typical parabolic antenna?
WhiteTech (author)  xenogear2 years ago
This is not an antenna, but a reflector. Parabolic shapes (reflecting wise) focus things into a single point. I don't want to focus it in a single point in space which would be nearly impossible to control where that point ends up., I just merely want to re-direct more signal to where I need it.... Which in the case was my desktop that was hiding behind 4 walls, and 2 mirriors.
WhiteTech (author)  tc998hot3 years ago
Yes, but are they free?
pheer3 years ago
this is great, i never thought of using something that simple before!
a before/after measurement of the signal would be cool to see as well. :)

nice one!
WhiteTech (author)  pheer3 years ago
I know right? Like I said it doesn't work as well as others, but it still does, I'll post some pics up of the difference later today
i agree it is simple, but to use even less, you could skewer the flaps so you dont even need tape. Good job!