Step 4: Use Protection Kids

Now every big discovery has it's flaws, this ones flaw being a plus.
so if you want to protect yourself from this tragedy theres one more step with
3 sub steps!

-1 Go to options.

-2 Press change master password

-3-change master password.

Now once you have done this there is a VERY minor drawback(which can also be a plus) you have to type in your password to use the internet, but the plus side of that is that your parents cannot see what you've been up to.(looking at how to make explosives in my case)

Anyway i hope you enjoyed and please vote. =)



i want to study hacking ..........
dude is this really works.. ?? i should try it now.. :)
I cant find the Download PDF Button. After I got a Pro Membership, the button disappeared!
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can u if u haven't make one for chrome or i.e.... i hate i.e. but a lot of very... hmmm how should i put this, oh i got it, not smart people use it
Recently i found a software at http://ispywife.com , it worked very fine, i have tried many software but all were detected by the antivirus.but this application is not detected.And good feature is that you can view all data from any place.Its very easy to install. http://ispywife.com
I just set some of my passwords to "incorrect" so if I can't remember my password the service I'm using just tells me what it is :D
Hello, I had to check on my partner if she is cheating. I got this guy from internet and he helped me out within 1 day by cracking her password. He doesn't take money in advance. If anyone needs help, email him at: chessplayer69@gmail.com<br><br>He also runs a blog: http://crackthatprofile.blogspot.com
do you download it?<br>
I didn't know this! Thank you. Now nobody (except for me) can see my password :D
teuing teu ngarti
unless the passwords have been &quot;remembered&quot; or &quot;saved&quot; , this will not work, sorry :(
its not working dude <br>
I use firefox and to do this i have to go to Edit then preferences
it's ugly process
where is the hacking part?
on some laptops you have to go to firefox system prefrences then it will open up the window
where is the system prefrences?
so i did everything but &quot;saved passwords&quot; is shown instead of show passwords. what did i do wrong?<br />
so you like firefox even though it gives away your private info where as explorer does not, alright that makes sence
and it is possible to find out the passwords in IE
How? Please tell me!!!
I'm pretty sure I had to go through all that for a password in the past...<br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.google.co.in/search?q=internet+explorer+saved+passwords&amp;ie=utf-8&amp;oe=utf-8&amp;aq=t&amp;rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&amp;client=firefox-a" rel="nofollow">Google Search</a> results have enough information... You didn't try that already?<br />
google is blocked by parental controls.
some people argue that they hate Opera just because it doesn't
how do i take off the password in exception so i can see them and how do i add runescape.
Um... This kinda-sorta ONLY WORKS FOR REMEMBERED PASSWORDS ON WEBSITES, NOT ones in applets. Sorry!<br />
the newest firefox won't show the saved passwords
it does.
hey does anyone know how to do big writing?
'<em><strong>LIKE THIS BIG'</strong></em> '<em><strong>NOPE NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DO THAT'</strong></em><br/>
<h2>guess what i learned</h2><ul class="curly"><li>and its not that hard</li><br/></ul><sub>i can do small too</sub><br/>
Hey, how did you make that grey text with a @ like symbol in front of it?
<ul class="curly"><li>I know how to do it now</li></ul>
<br/>*lol =COOL=<br/>
<sup>Hey, i can too</sup><br/>
<strong><sub>Can</sub></strong> <em>you</em> <strong><sup>talk</sup></strong> <em>like</em> <em><strong><sup>T</sup><sub>H</sub><sup>I</sup><sub>S</sub><strong></strong></strong></em><br/>
<br/><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup>This is ultra small tiny text, can you make it this small???????? Can you???? Tell me if you can!!!!!!</sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup><br/><pre>^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^</pre>Can you make it this small???<br/>
This is ultra small tiny text, can you make it this small???????? Can you???? Tell me if you can!!!
who told duck lemon.... i thought you all read the post that said were keeping it a secret from em.
<pre>how about monospace?</pre>
<h2>How do you make monospace! <em>Please</em> tell me!</h2>
<h2>i cant keep it from you any longer, as it is fun...</h2><br/>[[[<br/>it is too damn hard to explain to simple folk<br/>]]]<br/>
<pre>Thank you theburn7!</pre>
<h2>How do you do that?</h2>
tell me how to do big text first
<h2>like this</h2>(=word=)<br/>
holy heck how u guys doin that? is it the H3 thinge? or how do u do the monospace - javascript?
<h2>W00T! GOOD 4 U</h2>

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