The 30 second password hack (and how to protect yourself from it)

Step 4: Use Protection Kids

Picture of Use Protection Kids
Now every big discovery has it's flaws, this ones flaw being a plus.
so if you want to protect yourself from this tragedy theres one more step with
3 sub steps!

-1 Go to options.

-2 Press change master password

-3-change master password.

Now once you have done this there is a VERY minor drawback(which can also be a plus) you have to type in your password to use the internet, but the plus side of that is that your parents cannot see what you've been up to.(looking at how to make explosives in my case)

Anyway i hope you enjoyed and please vote. =)

maxoomen4 years ago
I didn't know this! Thank you. Now nobody (except for me) can see my password :D
Timbhu4 years ago
unless the passwords have been "remembered" or "saved" , this will not work, sorry :(
amtsingh.94 years ago
its not working dude
how do i take off the password in exception so i can see them and how do i add runescape.
Um... This kinda-sorta ONLY WORKS FOR REMEMBERED PASSWORDS ON WEBSITES, NOT ones in applets. Sorry!