Picture of The 4Hour Pullover
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I created this pullover pattern from start to finished. It’s simple and easy enough for a beginner to crochet. The finished pullover in the pictures is a size small in adults. I have also added the sizes for a medium and large pullover as well. Basic crochet knowledge is required and the following materials.

-Crochet size K10½ (6.50mm)
-Medium weight 7zo  Delt Blue yarn (Color A)
-Medium weight 7zo   Blue yarn (Color B)
-Measuring tape

Crochet Abbreviations for this pattern

CH(s) -chain(s)

DC- double crochet

DEC -decrease

SC -single crochet

SL ST -slip stitch

Gauge:12 dc = 3ins.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large



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Step 1:

Picture of
2012-11-18 22.44.32.jpg
2012-11-18 22.45.12.jpg

Front/Back Bottom

Starting with color A, ch 78(88, 98) with wrong size facing you

Row1: dc in 2nd ch from hook, then 76(86, 96) dc
across to the end

Rows 2-3: repeat dc across to the end

Step 2: Front Piece

Picture of Front Piece
Front Piece

Rows 4-6: switch to color B,  38(43, 48) dc

Rows 7-9: Switch to color A,  38(43, 48) dc

Rows 10-12: Switch to color B, 38(43, 48) dc

Rows 13-15: Switch to color A, 38(43, 48) dc

Rows 16-18: Switch to color B, 38(43, 48) dc

Rows 19-21: Switch to color A, 38(43, 48) dc

Rows 22-24: Switch to color B, 38(43, 48) dc

Rows 25-27: Switch to color A, 38(43, 48) dc

Row 28: Switch to color B, 14(16, 19) dc, dec 1 

Row 29: 15(17,20) dc

Row 30: 13(15,18) dc, dec 1

Rows 31: Switch to color A, 14(16,19) dc

Row 32: 12(14,17) dc, dec1

Row 33: 13(15,18) dc,

Rows 34: Switch to color B, 11(13,16) dc, dec 1

Row 35: 12(14,17) dc,

Row 36: 10(12,15) dc, dec 1

Rows 37: Switch to color A, 11(13,16) dc

Row 38: 9(11,14) dc, dec 1

Row 39: 10(12,15) dc

Oh this top is beautiful! You should definitely put a picture of the top first in the intro step!
Mochi1986 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thank you and I did Penolopy.
Moogieof42 years ago
Your pullover looks great... Super fun stripes!
Mochi1986 (author)  Moogieof42 years ago
Thank you Moogie :)