Step 4: Construct the cube

Picture of Construct the cube
Now there is the Easy way to do this and that is to connect all the (--) in one layer and then the columns (+) to the resistor and then board. (Look at picture diagram below) what happens is when you turn it on (all of them) the lights are dimmer then when one is on.

My solution to this was to solder a 100 ohm resistor to each LED. (Follow picture instruction on how to do it.) Everything is done in the same way only now you solder all the resistors to the column which is a piece of Ethernet wire. (See picture)

joris143 years ago
Great instructable, Very cool project to do.
Jiax3 years ago
I don't get how you connect wires to arduino.
My leds will just blink as random and not in order when I use the code. 'Cause I wired them up just randomly. Which ports should I be using?

There is something I do wrong, but I don't know what. Please help!
i dont understand, doesn't Arduino only have 3 GROUND PINS??
how cmoe you connect 4 different wires to it, please answer.
yes it only has 3 gnd pins.althoght you can use the digital pins as gnd to.
To set a pin to GND:



i thought the same thing at first but then someone helped me so.
Thanks, I knew it all ready, but didn't knew it back then.
Qtechknow4 years ago
How do you connect all the layers into columns?
the seaker4 years ago
did you use some sort of jig to create the layers? if so do you know how far the leds were apart?
can you tell me in what pins does every column adr layer goes, please??
or wouldn't you need transistors???