Step 10: Wearing

1. To secure, pull open the loop at the end of the tile and slide the catch through (you can leave it this way if you want because the bracelet will stretch on and off your wrist and hand).

2. Ta-da! I'm calling this one "Wood and Stones." The fabric tiles look like cool stones that have been cut. Very earthy and expensive-looking (so everyone says when they comment on it when I wear it).

BUT....am I really done with this one?

NAW......let's have some more fun.....
Beautiful!! The ice water plunge is for translucent clays- it somehow helps the translucent clay to become even more translucent, so that it doesn't obscure what's underneath it. You can use it with the solid translucent clays as well, and it makes techniques like Mokume Gane even more beautiful!<br><br>Also, Sculpey III is a fairly brittle, crafter's-type clay. You may want to try this using a more durable clay like Premo, Kato, or Fimo. Sculpey III tends to break if you use thinner pieces, and doesn't polish up with as deep a glow as some of the other clays. :D<br><br>Definitely keep going with your clay work- you're making some gorgeous things!
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and tips!
You're very welcome! I worked with clay a lot a few years back, and stored away quite a few bits of info about it. I'm even kicking around the idea of getting back into it again! <br><br>Thanks for the inspiration!
I love this!
Thank You! I always get compliments on these bracelets and while the directions may look complicated, they're not....I just sorta went the extra mile with explanations so someone unfamiliar with working with polymer clay could create them. They ARE really fun to make because each bracelet is always unique.
Thank you!
This is very cool! Very clear 'able!

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