The 5 Cent "Blistex" Container.





Introduction: The 5 Cent "Blistex" Container.

Make a little airtight container from an empty soda/water bottle and a nickel.

Step 1: What It Is -

A small, air-tight container.

What's it for?

You put stuff in it.

Step 2: What You Need.

glue gun
empty soda/water bottle
Knife or razor blade
Dremel, for touching up the saw cut
not pictured - a clothes iron is nice, but not necessary
a US 5 cent piece, otherwise known as a nickel

Step 3: Prepping the Bottle

First, plug in the glue gun. You want the glue to be hot as possible when the time comes.

Now, use the knife to remove the little plastic strip around the bottle neck.

Step 4: Cutting

Using your saw, cut the bottle neck at the spot that the plastic strip used to be.

Step 5: Finish With Dremel

Here is the finished piece. I used a Dremel with the tungsten carbide tip in order to even out the saw cut. I find the easiest way to do this is to place onto a flat surface and rotate while holding the dremel bit against the piece.

I left a very slight raised "ridge." I find this makes it easier to use.

Step 6: The Nickel

Now place the piece onto a flat surface. If you have a clothes iron, you can use it to heat up the nickel. Here comes the real magic. Put the nickel in.. It's a perfect fit!

Step 7: Gluing

Now squeeze out a good gob of glue onto the nickel. Don't get glue on the sides of the bottle neck! This will only cause a disgraceful mess. Get it onto the hot nickel, and it will flow in an even layer. Make sure you get enough glue the first time... don't add more glue later, or it won't be an even surface.

If you mess up.. like I just did... then you can place the whole shebang on top of your overturned clothes iron at medium heat. Don't use the highest setting, like I did... I just found out that the plastic turns white when it gets too hot! :)

Step 8: The Cap

To make the container easier to open/close, you may want to remove a little bit of the lid. I chose to remove the very edge of the lid, as it is flared out, and it is a bit obstructive.

Step 9: Fini



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    Made one of these to store exploding air rifle pellets in !

    gatorade bottles work great just need two bottles

    I best of performance to rich high level or increase the score or growth. A best awesome.


    ve tried both blistex and nivea and nothing else helps me with chapped lips but blistex! :) Aquaphor works really well too for seriously dry lips, just dont know if its available here

    hacker friends with geek?

    hey could you cut it where the thread is then put 2 caps on it 1 on the bottom and 1 in the top?

    These little containers would be great for storing little seed beads in. :)

    i saw this instructable about a year ago, and iv been using it ever since to keep pellets, small parts, and money in. one of my favorites! great idea.

    Thanks for the comment! It's nice of you to come back a year later for a seasoned review!