Make a little airtight container from an empty soda/water bottle and a nickel.

Step 1: What it is -

Picture of What it is -
A small, air-tight container.

What's it for?

You put stuff in it.

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njames82 years ago
Made one of these to store exploding air rifle pellets in !
cody.lomas2 years ago
gatorade bottles work great just need two bottles
pharmapre3 years ago
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kjones343 years ago
ve tried both blistex and nivea and nothing else helps me with chapped lips but blistex! :) Aquaphor works really well too for seriously dry lips, just dont know if its available here
not blistex, carmex DUH
hacker friends with geek?
sharlston5 years ago
hey could you cut it where the thread is then put 2 caps on it 1 on the bottom and 1 in the top?
visions6 years ago
These little containers would be great for storing little seed beads in. :)
i saw this instructable about a year ago, and iv been using it ever since to keep pellets, small parts, and money in. one of my favorites! great idea.
klee27x (author)  thebluemartyr6 years ago
Thanks for the comment! It's nice of you to come back a year later for a seasoned review!
pyro137 years ago
My first thought after seeing this was, "awsome i gotta make one!" my second was " can anybody say stash can?"
Dyer138 years ago
I found a different way of creating the same thing. If you take one water bottle, and cut the bottle below the cap, right where it starts to flare out from the neck. Then take a cap from another bottle, and force it on the small piece of the water bottle you just cut off. Sometimes they screw on, sometimes you have to hammer them on. Then just twist a second cap on the thread it on. You have yourself a small container about the same size as instructed above, only no hot glue, no iron, and no 5 cents. I don't know if it is exactly airtight, but if you are actually using it for screws, etc and not some other "substances," it doesn't have to be airtight.
retro-redux8 years ago
this is a great recycling project and would make great containers for crafters with lots of different bits and beads. If you don't want to possibly ruin your wifes iron I bet one of those lil coffee mug hot plates or even one of those potpourri crock pots could work? A question though-so after you heat it up, add the glue on the iron-do you take it off still warm or let it completely cool on the iron?
klee27x (author)  retro-redux8 years ago
No.. after the nickel is hot, just put it inside the bottle neck, on top of a flat work surface. Then squeeze out the hot melt glue onto the nickel. It will flow across the top of the nickel and onto the sides of the bottle neck.
I cant believe u used a buffalo nickle for one of those. I have not seen one of those in many years!
klee27x (author)  TheDarkNinja8 years ago
! They did a remint of the buffalo in like 2000, or something. This isn't an original buffalo nickel!
Yeah you're right... but wouldn't it be better to use a round piece of metal that isn't a nickel?
klee27x (author)  ninjaman8 years ago
Only if you have one in your pocket, and it costs less than 5 cents??
hack124x7688 years ago
I think I'll try this, but I'm using superglue. Ill post pics in about 10 minutes. (gotta go find me a nickel!)
Note to self: Don't use superglue. I'll let you know how it works after It dries.
Works great! Thanks for the idea.
wait - so superglue works? im confused
klee27x (author)  hack124x7688 years ago
Wow, has it taken you 4 days to make this? LOL. ;) Glad you like it!
Jural8 years ago
Awesome project. You probably could use the knockout plugs from construction site outlet boxes. That is if you are making several. I agree that the nickel is much more elegant though.
stone34088 years ago
I not so sure about the blistex but, this is a great idea! This could be a great case for other projects. I'm looking through the trash now to find a bottle!
blistex is a lip balm or a type of chapstick or carmex. you can buy blistex in little containers remotely similar to the ones he made
klee27x (author)  stone34088 years ago
Yeah, Stone.. you could, uh, put your weed in it. lol.
LoL... It's quite small though... :-)
The LED Cat8 years ago
HEHE Neat! :-)
Drumboy4108 years ago
try putting the glue on the bottom of the cap, and get more space inside :) 
if you use an iron, to prevent a mess you could put aluminum foil over it. pretty interesting project.
xrobevansx8 years ago
I like it, but.....Blistex is like a dollar. And you get Blistex. Then you have an empty container. For free. And way less time/energy.
but thats boring
true. I like the epoxy idea too. Screw the nickle. Although it does add a nice touch.
klee27x (author)  xrobevansx8 years ago
Epoxy would be great - to adhere the nickel. The kind of expoxy you get at the store is a very strong adhesive, but you would have to make a very thick layer to get any type of durability - perhaps a layer about as thick as a nickel? And what are you going to have on the bottom that will be perfectly round and won't increase the production time? The nickel fits perfectly. It's part of the divine plan.
jtobako klee27x8 years ago
how about a little piece of the side of the bottle? (it worked, epoxy then trim) and, how are you going to mix up less than a nickle's thickness of epoxy? if you can manage that, you are much better than i am with those double syringes.
klee27x (author)  xrobevansx8 years ago
Less time and energy? Energy, maybe. But time? Let's see - to store: 10 minutes wait in line: 10 minutes get back home: 10 minutes use up Blistex: 2-3 years. Ohh, wait... I think you lose Unless... you make another even faster and easier container in which to put your Blistex!!?? :)
not blistex "carmex"
Jezza Bear8 years ago
Great idea, although my wife maybe a little upset with me puttling it on an iron to seal :0). I think I will go with jtobako's idea of epoxy. Thanks for the idea
jtobako8 years ago
nice. i used epoxy instead on the bottom to make an ink well for caligraphy.
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