Step 5: Instructions for use.

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The hand warmer is now prepped and ready to be activated, in order to activate the hand warmer, squeeze the smaller bag until it breaks, when the water combines with the calcium chloride it it causes a chemical reaction. A byproduct of this reaction is heat and some gas (I don't know what kind)

*keep all the pellets at the bottom
*put the water bag in with the seal facing down towards the pellets
*seal the bags verry well, you could even glue them shut for a better seal

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EDIT: 8/7/09 Fockers sugested an easier way to pop the inner bag without breaking the outer bag, quote: To pop the small bag, just rub the seal and it should slide itself open
ariearie3 years ago
Don't leave those bags in the car, hoping you could use it when your get onto a frozen car... when it is freezing outside, the water in the inner zip bag will be ice and it will not work..
shannonlove4 years ago
The reaction of Calcium Chloride and water is CaCl2 + H2O--> Ca(HO)2 + 2HCl. Which is calcium hydrate and hydrochloric acid.

I am pretty sure they mix some type of base with the Calcium Chloride to react with the hydrochloric acid to turn it into a common table salt (NaCl) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 is the gas produced.
kariswg15 years ago
WOW, my wife buys the ready made hand warmers during our cold Michigan winters. I just tried this out and I am going to make some up for her to carry in the car. I will check out thicker bags, because they really get very warm. Thanks again.