This dastardly little prank will have your victim screaming (or yelling) all night. I'm not a big prankster but this one is just plain fun.

I found this in More Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius by Bob Iannini  It was called the Mind Mangler. Just thought I'd credit such a great guy.

Here is a video:

So, let's get started.
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Step 1: Without Further Ado: The Materials

You will need:
2 555 Timers
1 100K Resistor
1 1K resistor
1 4.7K Resistor
1 100 uF Capacitor (I used 33 for an awesome should get some others in the range for your favored result)
2 0.01 uF Capacitors
1 0.47 uF Capacitor
1 1uF Capacitor
1 Photocell/Photoresistor (A phototransistor will work as well)
1 9 volt Battery Clip
1 Piezo Transducer (I don't know what to say...I found mine on accident. Try a few to get a favored result.)
1 Audio Transformer( I got mine here)
A few sockets if you like to socket parts such as photocells, transducers, resistors and capacitors.
1 Perf Board/ Breadboard

Step 2: The Build.

Once all your parts are collected, build the circuit according to the schematic. I only have a few pictures of my build because you should come up with your own creative design. Post your pictures in the comments.  If time permits, I will design a circuit board for you guys.
nice idea, i have heard of this before, clearer steps would be good.
Higgs Boson2 years ago
The schematic does not have values for the parts. If you could include what value things like R1, R2, R3, C1, and so on that would be great.
blinkyblinky (author)  Higgs Boson2 years ago
Oops. I will work on it and get back to you. Thanks.