Have you ever needed to make notes and reminders at your handy and paperclips to attach papers? try this bracelet, which is actually made of chained paperclips linked together, also able to attach small notes and reminders on the bracelet itself. The bracelet multiplies itself into paperclips when needed. you can also gift it to a person who tends to do paperwork often. The great thing is that you can make this simple on in just below five minutes while it saves it's time and productivity. Because I believe that simplicity is the greatest sophistication 

My answers to the Make-To-Learn contest:

What did you make?

I thought gifting my friend who forgets small things and keeps reminders often. I started to think about reminders and paperwork, and suddenly got this idea. I didn't make any initial sketching because it was a very simple one, and i made it just below five minutes. the whole bracelet is made of chained paperclips which can be removed and used as a paperclip when needed. also, some small reminders and notes could be attached to the paperclips too.

How did you make it?

I first linked one paperclip into another. As I was joining it, the unity of the sides differed. so I had to link it in a way that the clips are united in shape and form a good bracelet, and also found out that it does not break up when stretched.

Where did you make it?

I made it mainly at my home, It was also a simple one, but after I gift it, the person whom I gift was happy because it helped to save his time by keeping paperclips and reminders in handy. After that, I also made one for myself which gave results that is truly promising and helped me to save time.

What did you learn?

It is really true that even small things can bring a lot of changes and especially while speaking about this project. there was not any big challenge to say because it was a simple bracelet even though that linking was a bit difficult. It is surely a simple and good gift, It also took a lot time to document this then making this.

Step 1: Things You'll Need:

All you need for this simple project is
1) paperclips,
2) small papers used to make notes and reminders, 
3) paint to color the shape of the notes,
4) scissors. 
And you would need this optionally for the type 2 bracelet:
1) A stapler with pins,
2) Hot glue.

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