Camera is a useful tool , in this Instructable i wanna share some alternate uses of your camera , hope you find them useful, and you can add more uses if u know or wanna share :)
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Step 2: Copy a sign board !

This helps alot ! While passing signboards that have contact details or other information,  it is alwars worthwhile to capture a photo.
You can also capture photos of shopping lists , memos, and to-do lists as well .

Step 4: Save paper, save earth

You can just click a picture insted of taking a printout from the screen . It saves paper.
theres one tutorial out there if anyone have problem taking pictures from LCD screen
" "
so each time you are clicking a photograph , insted of taking a printout, you are going Greener :)

Step 6: As your phone dies out

Picture of As your phone dies out
If your phone's battery is running out and you need to make a call,Insted of being stranded without knowing someone's phone number , just take a picture of the phone's screen with the number on it!
itsnipun007 (author) 2 years ago
yep ! how can i forget it ? :D thanks strydon :)
Strydon2 years ago
You can also check if your remote is working . IR remotes leds light up when any of the buttons are pressed , view this led in the camera viewfinder and you will notice it light up if the remote is working .