Step 6: Celebrate!

Picture of Celebrate!
Now, you have a fully-functioning Quasi-duino!  Use these in projects, small spaces, or even in a lightbulb!  Upload your favorite code, run the blink sketch, and bang!  It will work!  Thanks for reading my instructable!  

P.S.  I'm only 11 years old!!!
Very impressive ! Keep up the great work , you are definately going places with electronics ( and possibly teaching ! ) . Thank you again for sharing with us all.
Got a very (dumb?) question... how do I power this? Also, can I just drop the chip into an iDuino, burn the bootloader, and then drop it into the breadboard?
Qtechknow (author)  TheVividYoshi1 year ago
You can power it by plugging in the ATMega 328 VCC to the 5V pin coming off of the Arduino, and from the ground pin off the Arduino.
You can use the IDuino to burn the bootloader then put it on the breadboard, but you still have to supply the power and connect the SPI pins to program the chip (as well as upload the Arduino ISP sketch to the iDuino and have to use the uploader using the programmer function like I explained in my Instructable).
manu082 years ago
Wow nice, just one thing if I upload a serial communication sketch, Will it function properly even with the Arrduino UNO as ISP?
diy_bloke3 years ago
impressive for an 11 year old. i do not see me 11 year old son do this :-)