The A-Team Egg - An easter egg playing The A-Team title melody if you shake it!


Step 3: Ready to program the brain

Picture of Ready to program the brain
Once you have soldered the guts together the brain of the A-Team Egg is ready to get instructions.

If you dont already have the Picaxe IDE, download AXEpad for Windows, Mac or Linux from the Revolution Education Website . Install it following the instructions . You also need to download the A-Team Egg code here and unzip it.

Start AXEpad and open the code.

Connect the Picaxe 08 Proto Board to your computer using the Picaxe Download cable. Dont forget to power your Picaxe with 3 AA Batteries that provide 4,5 V what is quiet enough to run the chip.

Now you can push the upload button in the software. After a few seconds the chip is programmed. If you shake the board, it should play the title melody of The A Team.