Step 6: Modifications

As every project you can modify your egg to fit to your needs or creativity. Here are some suggestions:

- Modifying the melody is quiet easy. You can even use monophon ringtones from the internet. Download a song from your sisters favorite rockband and make it a fan-egg
- There are 3 free pins on the picaxe ready to get work. Add some LEDs to your egg and make them blink, or attach a vibration motor to let it vibe.
- with the guts you can turn almost everything into a nerve-racking bleepy toy

Share your ideas and modifications in the comments.
I had to miss a couple episodes when I went running. And I missed one while I was taking a shower but that's Ok because it had Boy George in it. And instant Netflix doesn't have the last episode
I LOVE THE A-TEAM!!! I've watched almost every episode!
I'd pity the fool!
"I aint' gettin' on that plane!"
I cant tell which is more baddass, that Egg or Mr T himself?
Nice! This will let me use up some AAA battery holders (I accidentally ordered AAA's on fleabay. This might also allow for using a smaller egg shell..)
EGGcellent! :D You should make a Mr. T stencil so you can use spray paint and paint Mr. T on all the eggs! :D
Yes, I had the Idea of making a stencil, but I had not enough time for it
Excellent! :) "Yo Fool!!!" :P

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