Step 2: Step 2: Create the Crank

For my Vito-matic, I made the crank out of cardstock paper.    Take a sheet of cardstock paper.  With a ruler, measure off four equally spaced lines approximately a half an inch apart.  When folded to form a triangle, this shaft should fit snugly over the CD containers shaft .  Trim off excess paper.  Fold the paper to form a triangle as shown.  The shaft of the crank should be slightly longer than the depth of the CD container.  Mark this length with pencil or marker.  Cut as illustrated to form a "Z" shape for making the crank.  Use the scrap of paper, fold and insert to strengthen the joints of the crank as shown.  Cut a triangle shape hole in the center of the paper wheel and insert the shaft.  Tape or glue this shaft securely to the wheel.

keep trying darkrubymoon! <br>i've been looking for a solution to refilling my daily pill multicase but there's nothing on the market yet. if anyone is thinking about making such a gadget, here's some ideas to consider: <br>- a pill box with a rotating top and a pill-size hole on it does the work great. held up side down, it dispenses one pill at each turn as you move over the case compartments. <br>- a manual coin sorter, sorts coins by size. how about a widened version with custom slots?
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Put this in the body of the Instructable, it'll disappear out of sight as a comment.<br /> Nice make, a lot of design and thought has gone into this.<br /> But, you ought not to be taking so many pills - either you have a deficient diet, or you're wasting money.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Thanks for the suggestion... I plan to edit the instructable to put my little ad in after the contest is over.&nbsp; I probably am wasting money, but I've not had any serious hospital visits since been taking them... so maybe it is working.<br />
Good diet and you don't need supplements. You could swallow small amounts of elemental mercury and report &quot;not had any serious hospital visits&quot;...<br /> <br /> L<br />
Still working on the elemental mercury dispenser... don't have a good name for it yet though LOL.&nbsp; Merco-matic?&nbsp; <br />
It's a liquid, you could get nice droplets.<br /> <a href="http://corrosion-doctors.org/Elements-Toxic/Mercury-medical.htm" rel="nofollow">Merco-matic</a> sounds good, I don;t think I could better that.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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