Step 5: Step 5: the Dispenser

Using tape, I taped the base of the CD container to a piece of cardboard.  The cardboard was then folded as illustrated to hold the dispenser vertical.  Next, folding a piece of cardstock, I made a slide for the pills to slide down as they drop from the slit in the CD container.

keep trying darkrubymoon! <br>i've been looking for a solution to refilling my daily pill multicase but there's nothing on the market yet. if anyone is thinking about making such a gadget, here's some ideas to consider: <br>- a pill box with a rotating top and a pill-size hole on it does the work great. held up side down, it dispenses one pill at each turn as you move over the case compartments. <br>- a manual coin sorter, sorts coins by size. how about a widened version with custom slots?
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Put this in the body of the Instructable, it'll disappear out of sight as a comment.<br /> Nice make, a lot of design and thought has gone into this.<br /> But, you ought not to be taking so many pills - either you have a deficient diet, or you're wasting money.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Thanks for the suggestion... I plan to edit the instructable to put my little ad in after the contest is over.&nbsp; I probably am wasting money, but I've not had any serious hospital visits since been taking them... so maybe it is working.<br />
Good diet and you don't need supplements. You could swallow small amounts of elemental mercury and report &quot;not had any serious hospital visits&quot;...<br /> <br /> L<br />
Still working on the elemental mercury dispenser... don't have a good name for it yet though LOL.&nbsp; Merco-matic?&nbsp; <br />
It's a liquid, you could get nice droplets.<br /> <a href="http://corrosion-doctors.org/Elements-Toxic/Mercury-medical.htm" rel="nofollow">Merco-matic</a> sounds good, I don;t think I could better that.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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