The Absolute Cheapest Bottle Washer





Introduction: The Absolute Cheapest Bottle Washer

I make my own water kefir, so I collect and reuse wine bottles and flip top bottles. I love making kefir, but I HATE washing bottles! What a pain in the ass! They have to be cleaned though, or I'll be drinking somethings along with my kefir which I don't really care for.

So of course I tried bristles bottle washers. Not long enough. I love the jet bottle washer, but I don't get paid for another week, and need to save my pennies. Lab squeeze bottles are a great idea, but I would have to order them, and I have dirty bottles now, and can't wait days to clean them. So of course, I figure out a way to cobble a bottle washer with stuff I have and can get easily.

Step 1: Gather Materials

I used:
* an old dish washing liquid bottle-it was in my recycle bin
* a few coffee stirrers-I just happened to pass by my neighborhood coffee shop and got a few
* electrical tape-I had it laying around
* scissors

Step 2: Cut Your Coffee Stirrer in Half

I cut one on the diagonal, just to see if it would be more effective. I didn't see much of a difference from a straight cut.

Step 3: Wrap With Tape and Insert

You don't need much. Just enough to wrap the straw no more than twice. You need the tape, since the stirrer is just a bit smaller than the hole in the cap.

Step 4: Fill, Cap, Squeeze and Clean!

I hit the sides and the bottom of the wine bottle. Extra scuzzy parts benefit from an extra forceful squeeze of water. I left one stirrer uncut to reach the bottom of the bottle better. A bigger squeeze bottle would be better, since it's holds more water so you don't have to stop and fill up so much. This will do just fine until I can get a Jet Bottle Washer, but I can't complain about a solution that I didn't have to pay any money for.

And now my bottles are clean!



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    have you tried using efferdent tablets? They work really well to clean anything glass.

    You mean something like broken up Alka Seltzer? Never thought about that!

    Actually, while they might work (alka seltzer) I know the efferdent really cleans out hard to reach places on glass or porcelain.