Picture of The Adventure of Electricity: An interactive light diorama
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Where does electricity come from? Who invented the light bulb? How do cities use this technology today?

These are just a few questions that we hope to address in this interactive diorama, The Adventure of Electricity!

This project was designed for educational purposes so that younger generations can experience a more hands on approach to learning.  In this project, we show the history of electricity through three scenes.  The first scene shows legendary tale of Benjamin Franklin using a kite in order to decipher the characteristics of electricity and where it is found in nature.  The second scene shows Thomas Edison and his trials to create a light bulb to produce light through harnessing electricity.  The last scene shows the city of Paris, in all its illuminated glory.

How kids interact with this educational tool is through buttons which activate different aspects of the scenes.

* For Benjamin Franklin's scene one can press a button to light up a lightning bolt which in turn will raise Benjamin's hair. (Using Flexinol muscle wire to create the movement.)

* For Thomas Edison's scene pressing the button will light up a representation of the first light bulb ever in history. 

* In the last scene, the viewer can light up Paris one sector at a time until the entire city is illuminated.

This was a fun project to work on but also tedious so we recommend allowing yourself plenty of time to build this 3 scene diorama.

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Nostalgia! Very cool!
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This is amazing! I love the lightbulbs you made. :D
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Thanks! Aren't they soooooo cute? :D