The Air Craft Platform




Introduction: The Air Craft Platform

About: I'm just a simple guy who likes Lego and papercraft. sometimes I make something out of cardboard.

this is a model I made for Lego airplanes.It's simply a platform for display.I made this for my Lego airplane Little Eagle.

Step 1: The Parts

Step 2: The Assembly

First start of with 4x4 plate putting 2x4 plates on the bottom.Put some 2x6 plate on the side.Now add the 2x3 slopes on the middle.Followed by 2 1x2 bricks on the side of the slopes.Now add the 1x2 plates at the front and back of the 1x2 bricks.Add the 2 1x6 tiles on either end 

Step 3: Assembly 2

Now add 1x4 plates to 2x6 plates.Add these parts to the add the bricks with the thing on the side, and add the wheels.   

Step 4: Now You're Done



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    you CAN use this to make your remote control helicopter roll on the floor. I just tried it.