Picture of Alien: The Alien Egg

"The pit is completely enclosed. And it's full of leathery objects, like eggs or something." -Kane (Alien)

Is a simple idea. I have some left over ballons, newspaper, flower and water. what cah I possibly make. Just an AWESOME alien egg. Now, what your going to need is-

Ballons- $4.00
Duct tape- found around house
Newspaper- 0.99
Flour and Water- sink and shelf
Wire- $2.00

now that you have that, put in the movie ALIENS and have fun.

Step 1: The Shape

Picture of The Shape
photo (3).JPG
photo (2).JPG
The shape was pretty easy to make. First I went out to walmart a got a bag of baloons. I When I got home, I blew one up and started to cover with paper mache. I covered it with 3 layers then poped my baloon. After that I had a perfect shape.
jpayne215 months ago
Nice job.
This was another epic movie. The one that started it all. I really only liked the first 2, the 3rd was ok.
EaglesNest2 years ago
Can't wait to see the paint job!