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Introduction: The Alien Shooter

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Ever wanted to eat an alien in a jar?

Ok, so even if you didn't, you should still try this shooter.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

You'll need:
-Silver Tequila
-Green Gummi Bears soaked in Midori
-Shot Glass

Note:  Add gummi bears to a glass mason jar.  Fill mason jar with Midori until the liqueur is 1-2" above the gummi bears.  Soak at room temperature for 24 hours or more.  The gummi bears will double in size.  Be sure to slosh the gummies around in the jar every so often or else they'll stick to one another and will tear when you try to pry them apart.

Step 2: Add and Pour

Add a gummi bear to the bottom of the shot glass, and pour the tequila to the rim.

Step 3: Alternative Recipe

Soak the gummi bears in sweetened lime juice.

Rim the shot glass with a sugar/salt mixture.

Garnish with a small lime slice.



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    would strawberry liquer (red) and vodka work as well?
    i'm trying to think of alternative recipes to use for the other gummi bears
    blue curacao for blue gummi bears?
    cointreau for yellow and orange?

    Picturing the strawberry ones is a bit of a ghastly image... bloody little chunk of what in the bottom? Maybe for Halloween..?

    If you look at the related Instructables to your right (my other two shooters), you'll be able to use up the rest of the gummi bears cos I ran into the same dilemma as you.  :-P

    HOWEVER!!  You can use whatever liqueur and liquor you'd like and develop your own shooter.  You can do one with strawberry liqueur and 99 Bananas or coconut rum or whatever.

    I tried this with Gaetano brand melon liqueur, and the gummy bears pulled an 'alien abduction,' and vanished in the nothing. I only had them soak over night, and they were 96.2% dissolved (strictly scientific, of course).

    Anyone else have a similar situation? My thinking is that maybe off-brand melon liqueur contains a flavor/ingredient that inhibits pectin? Or maybe the Vegas heat (we keep our A/C between 80-82F) contributes to the sugar dissolving?

    Next time I'll try sugar-free gummies, or keep it in the fridge. Any insight would be awesome.

    I'm going to guess the heat was the big factor. You can do it in the fridge. They'll eventually dissolve, but it'll definitely buy you some time. Doing it at room temperature will speed up the process. My apologies for it not coming out right!!!! :(

    what a greta idea! I definitely want to make these for new years! :D

    Awesome!  One thing (that I'm just now adding that I'd forgotten about) is you have to slosh around the gummies soaking in the liqueur or else they'll stick to each other and tear when you try to separate them.  Just keep the jar on the counter and when you go by, just give it a quick slosh.

    you could try soaking in a flat glass baking dish, (casserole?).  Like a single layer of bears in the bottom then fill to like a half inch over the bears.  Might take a little more liqueur this way but worth it if your really wanting to impress with looks.  Also, you might be able to store and reuse it.