Today's guide will be about building an Arducopter, or otherwise known by the locals as "Flying Hedge Trimmer"

My greatest problem with the world of  RC and hobbyists is that there never is a complete guide on doing ANYTHING!

The experience of learning how to build a hexacopter from no knowledge is basically a big scavenger hunt for information. There was always bits and pieces, but never a complete guide for the build log, hardware, AND SOFTWARE (99% of the build).

I'm here to change that issue, so hopefully I can enlighten Instructables with a COMPLETE guide on building a Arducopter!


Step 1: Features of This Build

This Hexacopter is equipped with:
  • 6 POWERFUL motors that produce 12 lbs of thrust!
  • Autonomous flying capabilities
  • A fully functional 2 Axis 3D-Printed Gimbal
  • Ability to be controlled by an Android Phone
  • Custom modded carbon fiber arms* .
  • A "Follow Me" Mode that allows for high speed chase film!
  • Fully functional safety features: Return To Launch (RTL), low voltage telemetry warning, and fail-safe.

Still interested? Read on!

*(before it broke, see last step :/)

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