Picture of Building UP an ArduCopter!

Today's guide will be about building an Arducopter, or otherwise known by the locals as "Flying Hedge Trimmer"

My greatest problem with the world of  RC and hobbyists is that there never is a complete guide on doing ANYTHING!

The experience of learning how to build a hexacopter from no knowledge is basically a big scavenger hunt for information. There was always bits and pieces, but never a complete guide for the build log, hardware, AND SOFTWARE (99% of the build).

I'm here to change that issue, so hopefully I can enlighten Instructables with a COMPLETE guide on building a Arducopter!


Step 1: Features of This Build

Picture of Features of This Build
Gimbal 2.png
Gimbal 3.png
This Hexacopter is equipped with:
  • 6 POWERFUL motors that produce 12 lbs of thrust!
  • Autonomous flying capabilities
  • A fully functional 2 Axis 3D-Printed Gimbal
  • Ability to be controlled by an Android Phone
  • Custom modded carbon fiber arms* .
  • A "Follow Me" Mode that allows for high speed chase film!
  • Fully functional safety features: Return To Launch (RTL), low voltage telemetry warning, and fail-safe.

Still interested? Read on!

*(before it broke, see last step :/)

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tvm7772 years ago
how much did you spend only for parts? (all parts i mean)
husamwadi (author)  tvm7772 years ago
My first payment was to hobbyking for $594.23:

HXT900 9g / 1.6kg / .12sec Micro Servo 2 IN STOCK
Boscam 5.8Ghz 200mW FPV Transmitter 1 IN STOCK
Large box and Packing 297g 1 IN STOCK
ZIPPY Flightmax 800mAh 3S1P 20C 1 IN STOCK
HobbyKing 1500mAH LiFe 3S 9.9v 1 IN STOCK
Turnigy H.A.L. Hexcopter Frame 775mm 1 IN STOCK
Boscam RC805 - 5.8Ghz 8 Chn. AV Receiver 1 IN STOCK
10CM Male to Male Servo Lead (JR) 26AWG (10pcs/set) 1 IN STOCK
L-C Power Filter for FPV A/V Systems 1 IN STOCK
Turnigy Heat Shrink Tube 10mm RED (1mtr) 1 IN STOCK
Turnigy Heat Shrink Tube 10mm BLACK (1mtr) 1 IN STOCK
Slow Fly Electric Prop 11x4.7R SF (4 pc - Green Right Hand Rotation) 1 IN STOCK
Slow Fly Electric Prop 11x4.7SF (4 pc - Green) 1 IN STOCK
MultiWii PRO Flight Controller w/MTK GPS Module 1 IN STOCK
Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 1) (v2 Firmware)
*JIT-Item (this item takes 3-5 days to dispatch)
Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger w/ accessories 1 IN STOCK
10x4.5 SF Props 2pc Standard Rotation/2 pc RH Rotation (Green) 2 IN STOCK
Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2830-920kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
ZIPPY Flightmax 4000mAh 3S1P 20C 2 IN STOCK
M3x8 Nylon Screws (10pcs/bag) 1 IN STOCK
5.6mm x 14mm M3 Nylon Threaded Spacer (10pc) 1 IN STOCK
Hobbyking SS Series 25-30A ESC 6 IN STOCK
Turnigy H.A.L. Battery Mount Plate 1 IN STOCK
Hobby King Octocopter Power Distribution Board 1 IN STOCK
Gyro / Flight Controller Mounting Pad (10pcs/bag) 1 IN STOCK

I also bought 70$ for spare parts and carbon fiber tubes:

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2830-920kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
*JIT-Item (this item takes 3-5 days to dispatch)
Hobbyking SS Series 25-30A ESC 1 IN STOCK
Carbon Fiber Tube (hollow) 8x750mm 2 IN STOCK
Carbon Fiber Tube (hollow) 14x750mm 3 IN STOCK
Extra Length Cardboard Box and Packing 379g 1 IN STOCK
Turnigy H.A.L. Boom Mount (4pcs) 1 IN STOCK

Then I bought upgrades for the Turnigy 9x controller:

FrSky DHT DIY 2.4 Ghz AACST transmitter module. U.S
FrSky D6FR 6 Channel Telemetry Receiver US vendor US
FrSky Battery Voltage Sensor US vendor US shipping
Turnigy 9X FlySky FS-TH9x LCD Backlight(Blue) Kit


Total: $746.02
With your new update (July 17) and with the spare parts you bought after your first purchase (because i believe when you upgraded, you left some stuff without use, i mean you replaced it, right?)
Could you please update your parts list so i buy only necessary (im dont have that much budget).
thanks for your help and quick answer
husamwadi (author)  tvm7772 years ago
I sent a message to your inbox.

i didnt receive anything :) just to make sure you send it, thanks in advance
husamwadi (author)  tvm7772 years ago
whoops, I meant to say that to another person..

anyway, to answer your question, I used pretty much everything on that list.

If you want to save money, build a quad and not a hex, trust me there is really no difference and the hex is WAY over powered.

also if you aren't doing fpv you don't need the:

Boscam RC805 - 5.8Ghz 8 Chn. AV Receiver
L-C Power Filter for FPV A/V Systems

but those were only mentioned in my comments list.

The bulk of the price is going to be the:

motors (x6 or x4)
flight controller
and more or less the escs (x4 or x6)

I wouldn't recommend turnigy for motors or escs, but for battery chargers, batteries, and transmitters they are okay.

Don't go cheap on motors or escs. make sure that people have reviewed the brand and that the bearings are known to be smooth.

Thats all then.
quad will be enough for hold a gopro?
husamwadi (author)  tvm7772 years ago
more than enough, a gopro weighs around 900grams.

And if you have 9 inch x 4.5inch props with 920kv motors you get around 900 grams PER MOTOR

900 grams x 4 = 3.6KG!

take the weight of your craft and battery, 1kg + 900 gopro grams =1.9kg

3.6-1.9 = 1700grams=(1.7KG)=(4lbs) left over.

That should be way more than enough.

i dont want to bother you, but maybe could you list what do i need (from your list) to build a quad.
only should i take 4 motors instead of six? thats all?

also, i was wondering, what if i get a 6 motor "skelleton" (idk how to call the 6 arm case) and just use 4 for a while, will my machine fly less? lower? worst? or will be capable of fly with 4 motors instead of six meanwhile i get money for other motors.
husamwadi (author)  tvm7772 years ago
A quad is more than enough to fly with a camera. Heck, I've seen professionals use quadcopters to hold their canon d5 cameras.

Also, go back and READ step 2!!!!

I already included the quadcopter alternative in that step!!!


I'd also recommend buying a spare motor and esc. Also, DON'T BUY TURNIGY AERODRIVE MOTORS, they're trash. Go with NTM or some other manufacturer that is more trusted.
thanks, ill be waiting then :)
husamwadi (author) 2 years ago

I finally made the new 3D gimbal. The link is here:


lso, I found some really cool brushless motor gimbals (WAY SMOOTHER) 3D printed frames:


nasser327 days ago
im sorry for this question but... is this quad or hexacopter autopilot or just controled with the remote control? ? thnx
chopchop10254 months ago

Is there a controller I could buy at a fairly reasonable price that would not require as much modification? (I mainly want telemetry, failsafe, return to start)

Naveen D S5 months ago
Biz856 months ago

Hi, i have followed your guide, but are in a stand still with programming my 9xr pro.

I'm totally noob, so hope that you can help me, or know a site where i can get help, to set up the mode.

If you or someone in here can help me to get flying, i will appreciate it very much:)

You can answer me here or on mail tk@kyhldesign.dk

Here is some info:

Turnigy 9XR PRO (mode 2)

Frsky Telemetry and head track module extent cable

Frsky XJT 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ telemetry module

and X8R 8/16Ch S.BUS ACCST Telemetry Receiver

MultiWii PRO Flight Controller w/MTK GPS Module

I can sent/upload Pictures and videos if you need that:)

edadalt7 months ago


david.minn7 months ago

How long did the whole system take to build?

WesleyK1 made it!7 months ago

Hi. I built a 450 (I think) using the Multiwii Pro and this guide helped greatly. I got my first flight in today! However, I have one more bit of tuning I need to do that I can't find information on, that is, sensitivity to control.

I skipped the PID stuff because am using Megapirate and heard elsewhere the defaults usually work. However, it did oscillate side to side violently while in the air, so I eventually brought the values down and that has stopped. However, the flight is still way to responsive for a beginner. My neighbor used a Naza and pretty much anyone could pick it up and fly it, it's very stable and "beginner" responsive. Is that PID still or Tx adjustments? Attaching current PID values, suggestions to make it fly more like a Naza for now? I built a cage to do the fine PID tuning, but it seems to me that's to get the most responsive craft possible, I'm not ready for that just yet. ;)


kklown8 months ago

What is the flight time?

roquefsd1 year ago

Hey, i was planning to buy the APM 2.5 just for the mission planner and the gps points control, i didn't know that MultiWii can be controlled by the same software, the difference in the prices is huge here in brazil, but the gps points feature is essential to me, have you tested this function? I don't have any experience building drones, the APM really worth the price? Nice instructable, thanks in advance.

husamwadi (author)  roquefsd9 months ago

Yep, the gps works fine. Its dead accurate.

skulk1 year ago

The "S" doesn't stand for "cells", it stands for "serial"
So a 3s1p-LiPo has 3 Cells in Serial (3X3.7V) and 0 Cell in parallel connected. you could also get an 3s2p, wich has double capacity, because it has 3 Cell in Serial and 2 Cells in parallel.

husamwadi (author)  skulk9 months ago

Good catch, ill change that!

RichárdK1 year ago

i would build this but its so expensive :(

husamwadi (author)  RichárdK9 months ago

There are cheap ways of making quadcopters:


asweed11 months ago

hello i want to ask you if i could make live streaming using this chip ?
if yes what the best camera to buy ?

husamwadi (author)  asweed9 months ago

There is nothing linked? Send me a link and I will see if I know!

carter.doud10 months ago

Great Tutorial, I am wondering if this AC adapter will work with the accucell charger?


husamwadi (author)  carter.doud9 months ago

It should work fine. Just keep it at 15V

Great guide... I'm making a quadcopter on your project, but I don't find the Gimbal V.2.5 project on Grabcad anymore (Page not found).

Can u send me the file?

thank you

Biz8511 months ago

How is the wiring on a Quad+ ? I'm tottaly noob, have some problems,on how to set my 9XR pro up properly, but if you can help me with correct wiring i'll be more than happy:) have a nice day.

theargha12 months ago

how to connect the escs, i mean the wire alignment, if i use the turnigy multistar ones?

duran11 year ago


I am searching two days now to find Frsky D6fr 6 channel receiver but no luck. Everywhere i looked is out or stock so i am wondering if there is a better one that i can buy or similar one that work two becuase i have stuked .


husamwadi (author)  duran11 year ago
You dont have to go with the D6fr, you can go with the D8



Plus, I really felt limited with 6 channels, I would advise 8 anyway (only like 10 dollars, 5 pounds, more)

Nice so i i buy the second link that is a combo i dont need the frsky DHT DIY 2.4ghz AACST? Also can i ask you if i need both right hand and left hand proppels ? or it is the same ?

Thnaks !!

bygreencn1 year ago
perfect tutorial.thanks

For future reference, Lipo battery cells are wired in series. So the S in 3s signifies 3 cells in series, or 3 series. Also thanks for the info about the multiwii pro and multirotors in general. Great Project

rgarcía521 year ago
How much extra weight can raise?
Thank you very much for the guide! :)
It's done!
It's finally finished!
Following this guide I have assembled me a hexacopter!
Here is my roadmap in pictures https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.504435556297592.1073741825.100001934556610&type=3

However, much to my despair, on the first test flight I discovered that it doesn't want to fly, it wants to spin out of control to any direction it so pleases :(
The spinning happens with no yaw input, in fact the yaw input seems to do nothing even though the radio monitor on the mission planner clearly shows yaw input is happening. Pitch and roll inputs works as expected

Tried to research possible causes and the ones that showed up was the motor booms being too flexible or not in the same plane. This is definitely not the case with the HAL frame.

The changes I made on my hardware is that I'm using the APM 2.6 board, ublox GPS+Compass and AR6210 RX and Devo 8s running deviation firmware as TX

PIDs are not tuned yet so I'm really really HOPING that is the problem.

Here you can see how my electronics are set up, maybe the ublox is not high enough?
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