Step 6: EDA Tools?

You don't need any tools.  Hit next.  
<p>Nice! I definately prefer altera. </p><p>I have the max 10 and cyclone 2.</p>
As you have given the steps the waveform is in my screen but not able to understand the work procedure.&nbsp; <a href="http://www.koolchart.com" rel="nofollow">bar chart</a>
I just completed a university course on this exact software and Altera board. This instructable covers a lot of the essential basics, however, to get the most out of an FPGA, I recommend learning a description language such as VHDL. Again, good instructable! <br>Note, that the waveform functions in the newer version of Quartus have been moved to Qsim.
Thanks, and Great note about the differing version of Quartus. To clarify for others; Quartus 12.1(the lastest version) does not have waveform support. Download an old copy. And I totally agree about VHDL. I wanted to include it, but felt that this was so extensive anyway, that trying to include coding as well would just be too much. <br>Thanks for checking it out.

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