The Altoid Box Laser Transmitter!





Introduction: The Altoid Box Laser Transmitter!

In this video we teach you how to make an Altoid Box Laser Transmitter! it's an awesome way of transmitting sound using the powers of a laser.



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Great tutorial!

However, I'm really stuck.

I've done everything 6 times over and still I can't get any sound.

I get sound before the transformer, I get sound after the transformer, beyond that - nada!

I've eliminated the solar cell and replaced it with another one, still nothing.

I've replaced the laser with an LED and it works - Kind of!
It's intermittent like it's 'buffering'.
The laser doesn't work at all.

Any ideas please anyone?
Thanks very much


If I have everything needed on hand, exept the red laser, can I use a cheap 1mw green laser instead?

yes you can, you can even use an LED but you have to be pretty close to the cell in order to pick up the signal.

:D no unless u focus it with 4 mirrors witch inhand i did...........i got a 50FT range and it also transmitted ont meh car radio..... :D

O_o IT WORKS WITH A LED LIGHT 2 but i has 2 put 2 mirrors makin it shine like, LIKE a laser.....DO NOT TRY...havin probs still.......XxshadowxX14 y dosent the shack in murrieta,hemet and oma linda have those even though THERE ALMOST THE SIZE OF WALMART........

How would I go about making this so I can use a wall outlet instead of batteries? Would I be able to just use a low output transformer AC adaptor ?

Yes you can, just use a low output ac adaptor

Is it possible to use this for cymatics? To direct sound with surgical precision?